Training Product Review

A review of Training Products can be carried out via Correspondence or Face to Face, allowing you to choose the option which best suits the needs of your staff and organisation.

Our experienced and highly skilled VET Consultants will provide a report providing you with feedback and identifying rectifications. This review can then be used to provide input to your annual quality assurance processes.

The Training Product Review supports compliance against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and may include reviews of:

  • Training and assessment strategies
  • Staff profiles
  • Professional development plans
  • Learning materials
  • Assessment plans
  • Assessment instruments and tools
  • Mapping and benchmark materials
  • Industry engagement evidence
  • Validation evidence
  • Transition planning
  • Other resources and templates

TAE Training Product Validation

From 1st January 2016, Clause 1.25 of the Standards for RTOs 2015 states all RTOs delivering TAE Training Products must have undertaken an independent validation of its assessment system, tools, processes and outcomes.

Are you compliant?

Velg Training is able to assist you with the compliance of this Clause by reviewing your

  • Training and Assessment Strategy
  • Assessment Policies and Procedures
  • Assessment tools*
  • Judgement outcomes from a sample of students*

*Consider your full assessment tools and your RPL tools.  Number of assessment tools to be negotiated.

As quoted in ASQA’s Users’ Guide to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015,

‘Validation is critical in ensuring that assessment is appropriately rigorous and that graduates are fully capable of carrying out the tasks that their qualification claims they can complete.’

An independent validation from our qualified and highly experienced consultants will provide feedback on how your RTO is meeting these requirements.


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