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Need Help with Course Accreditation?

Do you want to design a course that meets the needs of business or industry?

Are you considering developing an accredited course but struggling to understand the process that you should follow?   Are you confident that you understand the course accreditation requirements and how to manage the six stages in the ASQA course accreditation process?  Do you need somebody to help you prepare the accreditation documents and develop units of competency to comply with the Standards for Training Packages

Let Velg Training support you with Course Accreditation! 

VET accredited courses are assessed by ASQA as compliant with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012  and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).  This is a formal process which involves six identified stages.  A course developer will need to show that the course complies with the Standards, provides students with vocational outcomes, and has industry support that it addresses training needs.  For more information see:  Accreditation with ASQA.

Our experienced and highly skilled VET Consultants can support you with course accreditation, whether writing a new accredited course, applying for accreditation or re-registering or amending a course.  They are familiar with the current accreditation requirements and can help you to manage the six stages in the ASQA course accreditation process.  They have expertise in preparing the accreditation documents and developing units of competency that comply with the Standards. 

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