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Velg Training offers specialised VET consulting services, and we’re here to help!

Need Help with RTO Compliance?

Need a VET Specialist Consultant to help you through the VET landscape?

Are you struggling to understand the Vocational  Education and Training (VET) landscape and requirements?  Do you just need somebody to guide you through the systems and processes and offer you support?  At Velg Training we know that being an RTO is a complex business, that’s why we dedicate our core business to keeping RTOs informed!

Let Velg Training help you with Compliance!

Whether you are looking for a formal review of your documentation or an informal Q&A session, we can provide support. Our VET specialist consultants can provide services in key areas of compliance, development and review processes and any other relevant areas of your business.  They can come onsite to your organisation or work remotely depending on what you require and for how long!    

Some examples of the ways we can support your business include:

  • Professional guidance and advice - VET landscape and RTO requirements
    • VET Quality Framework (VQF) - ASQA Regulated RTOs
    • Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) - VRQA Regulated RTOs
    • Standards for Accredited Courses 2012
    • Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
    • English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)
  • RTO setup, planning and development
  • RTO quality and compliance
  • Quality assurance planning and development
  • Policies and procedures, systems and processes
  • Audit advice and services; review and reporting requirements
  • Training & Assessment: validation and moderation; tools and associated resources
  • RTO associated applications, e.g. extensions to scope, course accreditation
  • Funded training
  • HR, licensing, marketing and advertising requirements
  • CRICOS setup and compliance
  • Partnering and auspicing arrangements
  • Tailored professional development
  • Annual Declaration - Self Assessment
  • External Delegation

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