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Need Help with Setting Up an RTO?

Setting up an RTO can seem like a huge undertaking – are you prepared?

Are you thinking of setting up a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) but struggling to understand the process that you should follow?  Do you know what is required, how to present the documents and the steps to follow to be successful in the application?  How confident are you with meeting compliance and business requirements and the possibility of being audited?

Let Velg Training guide you through the process! 

At Velg Training we know how hard it can be to set up an RTO.  Let our VET specialist consultants talk to you about the compliance and business requirements so you can decide if this is the best option for your business.  If you decide to go ahead, we can guide you through the process of set up from the beginning through to the final stage where your business is registered as an RTO.  We take the headache out of establishing what is required, how to present the documents and the steps to follow to be successful in the application.  As we progress through the application process we will prepare you and your team so once your business is registered as an RTO you will be ready to take enrolments.

If you are interested in more information, watch our webinar recording to reflect requirements that came into effect 1 July 2018. It includes information that could assist anyone considering setting up an RTO in understanding the requirements and to be prepared prior to submitting an application.  Topics covered are:

  • Stages in the application process
  • Timelines for application
  • Preparation
  • Financial viability
  • Registration duration, reregistration and fees
  •  Commonly asked questions

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