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Get your assessments checked by an Expert!

Did you know that ASQA recommends you perform a Quality Check of your assessment prior to implementation? And that Training Accreditation Council requires ALL assessment resources – whether purchased or designed internally – to be validated prior to use and that an accurate mapping document is considered partial evidence of assessment validity?

If you have ever found yourself wondering if your mapping accurately reflects whether your assessment is meeting unit requirements, we have your answer. Unit Drop will reassure and confirm your mapping in order to assist you with quality checking your materials. This extra set of eyes, provided by a VET Expert, will simplify your journey of quality checking, 

Our VET Experts have current skills and knowledge in vocational training, learning and competency-based assessment. They can assist you through an identification process by starting with the inbuilt requirements of a unit of competency, leading to an in-depth analysis against your assessment materials to: 

  • Confirm unit coverage;
  • Highlight any gaps in your existing mapping and/or assessment; and
  • Provide a summary report of the results.


How does pricing work?

Unit Drop starts with the Unit!  Therefore pricing for analysis of associated assessment documentation is determined by the size and scope of the unit of competency.  

Simply, the bigger the Unit, the more time our VET Expert will need to allow for thorough analysis which will inform your Tier!

It is based on the:

  • Combined number of Performance Criteria items AND Performance, Knowledge and Foundation Skills Evidence items


  • Combined number of Performance Criteria items AND Required Skills and Required Knowledge items

Unit Drop tiers of pricing are as follows:

Tier 1:           $530.00      up to 19 Performance Criteria and low number of combined performance/skills/knowledge requirements e.g. approx. 40

Tier 2:           $735.00      up to 29 Performance Criteria and up to mid number of combined performance/skills/knowledge requirements e.g. approx. 80

Tier 3:           $Quoted   enquire for quote where a unit has a high volume of performance criteria and/or performance/skills/ knowledge requirements 

Cluster:        each required unit of competency is charged at the relevant single unit tier price.  Include your requirements in the comments.

Examples of units of competency and their relevant tier are as follows:

Tier 1Tier 1 units represent the most common units 
BSBLED401 - Develop teams and individuals Includes 13 performance criteria, 6 performance, and 3 knowledge evidenceCPCCCM1015 - Carry out measurements and calculations Includes 6 performance criteria, 7 performance, and 14 knowledge evidence

Tier 2SITHFAB003 - Operate a bar Includes 25 performance criteria, 4 performance, and 55 knowledge evidenceSITHFAB005 - Prepare and serve espresso coffee Includes 30 performance criteria, 19 performance, and 54 knowledge evidence

Tier 3UEENEEE104A - Solve problems in d.c. circuits Includes 11 performance criteria, 143 required skills/knowledge, and 11 critical aspects evidence UEENEEG006A - Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage machines Includes 18 performance criteria, 105 required skills/knowledge, and 13 critical aspects evidence

How does payment work?

Once you have submitted your Unit Drop application it will be checked and we may follow up with any queries.   Once processed you will be sent a tax invoice for payment.  Once paid, your assessment materials will be passed on to one of our VET Experts for their review*. 

 * The typical time frame to complete a review of assessment for a single unit of competency is just a few days however, depending on the schedules of our VET Experts, UNIT DROP may take up to two weeks to complete a unit of competency. 


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