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Need Help with Validation of Assessment Tools?

Do you have the right systems and skills to perform validation?

Are you struggling to meet the specific validation requirements in the Standards for RTOs 2015 Clauses 1.9 -1.11?  Do you need help to ensure that assessment tools are valid, reliable, flexible and fair and that they enable the collection of valid, sufficient, current and authentic evidence?  How confident are you that your staff have the necessary skills to undertake the validation process?

Let Velg Training support you!

Our Validation services put you in touch with VET specialist consultants who can help you with your validation requirements.  We know RTO managers are busy people, so we have designed two options to support you with validation:

Option 1: With You

Option 2: For You

Be equipped for the future as we guide your validation to arm your team with knowledge and skills = Maximum Benefit.

Velg Training has experts who can help you by providing a review of your Validation Plan and Processes and then arm your team with the knowledge and skills to conduct validation internally, according to the requirements.  Your team will gain valuable professional development and be ready to continue with validation according to your RTO’s plan.Want a full explanation of our With You option? Download our flyer below

Engage a TAE qualified expert consultant to assist your RTO in the review of assessment instruments.

Velg Training has TAE qualified experts who can help your team to critically review assessment tools against the requirements of the Training Package, Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence.  They can support your industry relevant team by providing the vocational teaching and learning component of the validation process.  Once your assessment instruments have been reviewed your RTO will be armed with a report identifying any areas that require amendment.Interested in finding out more about our For You option? Download our flyer below

Need Help with Validation of Assessment Judgements?

Do you need assistance with reviewing student work?

Are you wanting an independent and objective set of eyes to assess the validity of assessment judgements made within your organisation? ASQA notes that in reviewing the assessment judgements, validators should consider whether the learners’ assessment evidence:

  • complies with the assessment requirements of the relevant training product
  • demonstrates that the assessment was conducted with fairness, flexibility, validity and reliability, and
  • is valid, sufficient, authentic and current.

Let our experienced and highly skilled VET Consultants assist you to review student work by validating assessment judgements. Contact us for a quote.

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