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Short Courses: 1 module

Microlearning helps break down information into topical, bite-sized chunks. 

By interacting with highly-targeted modules, learning becomes much easier to digest and the likelihood of knowledge retention is increased.

If microlearning is more your style, our Velg2Go short courses focus on independent modules of learning so you can unpack and understand the core topics you require in your role in 90 minutes or less!

What's available now?


How does registration work?

As outlined below, our short courses are available for registration every month. As long as you register before the closing date you can access all of your course material for the entirety of that month. If course registration has shut, no worries, you can just register for the following month and gain access when your specific course commences. These dates are outlined in the following calendars:


If Holly registered on the 20 January and completed her course on 27 January she would receive her Statement of Attendance after 31 January. However, if Ben registered on 25 January for the February intake, he would not be able to commence his course until 1 February or receive his Statement of Attendance until after 28 February.  

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