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The A-Z of Planning and Mapping Assessment Workshops

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne - February and March 2017

This workshop walks trainers and assessors through the important processes of assessment planning, determining the assessment focus, designing assessment and understanding the dimensions of competency. The session will also explore the significance of mapping, understanding competent performance and reviewing assessment.

QLD Schools - Assessment Writing Skills Workshops

Brisbane - 28 February 2017

Standard 1 (Clause 1.8) of the Standards for RTOs 2015 requires RTOs to implement an assessment system that ensures assessment complies with the requirements of the training package or VET accredited course and is conducted in accordance with the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence. This workshop will explore the characteristics of effective assessment and examine the assessment process as defined by ASQA’s Guide to Developing Assessment Tools before moving on to a hands-on session designing and developing assessment tools for a unit of competency.

Creating Effective Webinars for Learners and Lead Generation Workshops

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne - March 2017

What are the best practices for designing and delivering webinars? This workshop is focused on helping the workshop participants to create dynamic, engaging and effective webinars aimed at improving the transfer of learning and business results.

Members Networking Breakfast: Effective Training Product Transition Workshops

Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney - March, May and October 2017

This Members’ Networking Breakfast session will provide an overview of the requirements for transitioning to new training products, some hints and tips for keeping on top of changes and general discussion time for participants to share experiences about how they have handled the turnover of training products.

Suggested Evidence for a Delegation Audit Workshops

Sydney and Melbourne - April 2017

Delegation from the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to an RTO to manage their scope of registration is a privilege that applies to a number of high performing RTOs. In order to exercise this privilege the RTO develops, implements and maintains a defined delegation quality assurance system. This workshop covers the requirements of such a system and provides suggestions as to the evidence that confirms its efficient and effective operation.

The Ultimate RTO Administrator Workshop - Part 1 Workshops

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne - April and May 2017

Administering an RTO requires specialised knowledge of the VET sector – this one-day workshop has been developed to equip both new and existing RTO Administrators with the knowledge and skill required to successfully complete their roles and improve the compliance standards of their organisation. This series will assist Administrators in understanding the VET sector as a whole as well as the specific areas of compliance that impact their daily tasks. Commencing at an introductory level and progressing to more advanced topics, content will be covered for both new and existing RTO Administrators.

The ABC of CBA Workshops

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne - May and June 2017

This workshop is designed for people who are new to competency based training and assessment. It will provide attendees with an introduction to an overview of the assessment process, features, relevant frameworks and methods while also reviewing the assessor’s role, principles of assessment and rules of evidence.

Conducting a Self-Assessment Against the Standards for RTOs 2015 Workshops

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - May and June 2017

This workshop will present participants with the tools and models for conducting their own self-assessment against the Standards for RTOs 2015. The session will include an in-depth look at the common areas of non-compliance, including a discussion about the intent of relevant standards and purpose of each clause, the evidence to look for and the questions to ask.

SPOTLIGHT – Trainer and Assessor Currency Workshops

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne - July 2017

Characteristics of high performing trainers and assessors include their ability to develop and maintain their skills knowledge and experience in their vocational content area as well as their knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs their training and assessment. Although the outcomes and benefits of these processes provides the motivation for themselves and their learners to perform well it is not always clear as to what they need to do to maintain these activities and subsequently record the outcomes for both quality in delivery and assessment and compliance to the Standards.

2017NVC Masterclass: Workshop 1 Workshops

Sydney - 13 September 2017

More information coming soon!

2017NVC Masterclass: Workshop 2 Workshops

Sydney - 13 September 2017

More information coming soon!

2017NVC Masterclass: Workshop 3 Workshops

Sydney - 13 September 2017

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2017NVC Masterclass: Workshop 4 Workshops

Sydney - 13 September 2017

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Guidelines for Conducting a Training Product Review Workshops

Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney- October & November 2017

The purpose of conducting an internal review is to assess the RTO’s compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015 with particular focus on the training product, primarily with Standard 1. The internal review is an integral part of the RTO’s commitment to continual improvement. These reviews should be systematic and recommended to be conducted on an annual basis. The summary of findings and rectifications identified should then feed in to the systematic internal audit process that is completed against all standards. The full internal audit process is covered in a separate workshop ‘Suggested Evidence for Audit’.