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Thank you for responding to our Call for Presenters for the Velg Training 2020 National VET Conference. We hope that this simple page will assist you in providing information that will help shape your submission.

Event Date:

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September 2020


Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre 
2684-2690 Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach QLD 4218

Submissions Due:

31st January 2020 (Submissions will be evaluated and applicants will be notified by 2 March 2020)

Click here to complete the Online Application Form

PLEASE NOTE: there is no ability to partially complete this online form. If you have never presented for Velg Training before you will be asked to upload a Bio, Headshot and Video Recording of you presenting, to submit as part of the online application process. Please source these prior to completing the form.


The theme for the #2020NVC is Vision for the Future.  Vocational Education and Training (VET) will play a pivotal role in skilling Australia’s future workforce and this event is designed to assist those who work in the VET industry in proactively focussing on the future!

Recent studies have shown that 9 Out 10 jobs of the future will require a VET qualification"
Ron Maxwell, CEO (Verto, 2019)

There’s a major shift happening in the skill sets people need to stay relevant……One of the most important ingredients to success in life and business is the ability to adapt as technology changes and new trends emerge…….You can start preparing yourself for the future of work by investing in yourself and what matters to you.”
Thomas Oppong (AllTopStartups) October 22, 2018

Who will attend?:

Historically over 1200 attendees are attracted to this annual event. A wide range of delegates will attend the National VET Conference, essentially representing  two client groups:
  • CEOs, TAFE Directors, Principals, RTO Senior Management
  • RTO Owners
  • Compliance/RTO Managers
  • Training Managers
  • eLearning Managers
  • Enterprise RTO Management representatives

  • Trainers/Teachers and Assessors
  • Instructional Designers/Curriculum Developers
  • Pre-service VET Teachers
  • eLearning Specialists
  • RTO Administrators

Content Categories:

In 2020, Velg Training would like to provide a program that is responsive to feedback received. 

Click here to see specifically what 2019 attendees asked for in terms of preferred topics at the NVC.

As a direct output of the completed surveys from the 2019 event, all submissions for 2020 will sit under (and be clearly identified as aligned with) at least one of the following content categories.

NB: It may be that your proposed session identifies as more than one of the above. For example: a session on common assessment issues, that is designed for Veterans of VET as a Deep Dive, that will actually also be hands on workshop style/activity based). If this is the case, identify all of the associated categories your session will align with.

  • Training/Student Engagement (NB: not all training is classroom based! Consider a session on work-based learning)
  • Assessment
  • Compliance (Specifically related to a Clause/Clauses from the Standards and/or hints and tips on how to BE/STAY compliant)
  • *VET in Schools
  • Management
  • Government/Regulator
  • RTO Administration
  • *Deep Dive (For "Veterans" of VET. These sessions would be developed based on the assumption that fundamentals/foundation concepts would NOT need to be unpacked, but rather that the session skips fundamentals and dives right into it! These sessions are designed for those who have been in VET as Trainers/Assessors or Compliance Managers for more than 5 years)
  • *Hands on/Hands up! (workshop style, interactive sessions that are activity based and have participants "doing" the do. These may also include ‘hands up’ audience participation where attendees share their experiences/questions/thoughts)
* These sessions will be highly regarded

Presentation Requirements:

For a printable PDF version of our Presentation Requirements click here
Our preferred presentation medium is PowerPoint. Whilst we appreciate Prezi and Keynote are sometimes a presenter's preferred option, the need to bring your own laptop to enable this, and arranging for associated access to the presentations via web-based log in and password have been an issue in the past on the day with the venue. Please note specific requirements below for these two presentation platforms.

PPT (This is our preferred option!)
  • Velg Training do not provide a PPT template, you are able to use your own branding for your slides! 
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio is required as widescreen projectors are used at the venue – if you need assistance with setting this up please contact us!
  • Please provide a hyperlink (Prezi)/PDF (Keynote) to/of your presentation for the QA process when you submit your content - this will mean that you also need to submit some notes for the QA officer that will identify how the content of your presentation aligns with the advertised overview
  • You MUST advise Velg Training as soon as possible if you are using this medium and how you propose to allow the Venue access to your presentation
  • You will be required to provide the 'final approved' version in PDF format to be disseminated to attendees as a post event resource
  • You will be required to agree to commit to not making any further editorial changes to your content once the content has been proofed and finalised

The QA Process:

Velg Training will QA your presentation once received.   This process has been designed to help ensure that the quality of the presentations at the event are of the highest standard.  It is critical to ensure :
  • there are no minor grammatical, formatting or spelling errors in your presentation 
  • that your content (stand alone/without your verbal delivery) clearly aligns with, and delivers on, the approved overview
  • that your information is appropriately cited/referenced
  • that your content accurately reflects the Standards/Legislation, where used
Based on our experience over the past 14 National VET Conferences, your session feedback will be brutal if your presentation:
  • does not 'meet the brief'. I.e. if your session overview says participants will walk away with hints and tips (and your presentation does not include those hints and tips)
  • includes continual self promotional/sales references
  • is 'death by PowerPoint' . I.e. you have so many words on the screen that participants find it difficult to see/engage
Click here to view feedback for some sessions that have occurred in recent years where the above has not been the case.

Presentation Equipment you will be provided on the day as Standard:

Rooms will be equipped with:
  • Screen and data projector (wide screen)
  • Lectern computer with internet access (note that presenters are unable to use their own laptops – presentations are delivered through the Convention Centre equipment)
  • Clicker/pointer (to advance slides)
  • Microphones – lectern or lapel
If you require any other form of presentation equipment you MUST advise Velg Training prior to 31st July 2020. Presenters may be required to meet any expenses incurred by using technology that is in addition to the standard equipment provided.

Printed Handouts:

Velg Training will arrange for photocopying for handouts less than 10 pages (5 pages back to back and stapled, printed black and white) for a standard session. Presenters are required to meet the costs of anything outside these parameters.If your session is  Hands on/Hands Up! (specifically designed as an interactive workshop style session where participants will be DOING activities) Velg Training will arrange for photocopying of activity handouts that may exceed 10 pages.


Velg Training will provide one night of accommodation, the night prior to delivery of your presentation, if required.  InHouse Event Solutions will be providing all accommodation for us  again in 2020 through a specialised portal. Your accommodation will (by default) be coordinated for you by Velg Training .You will be contacted by Velg Training as we get closer to the event to confirm the accommodation that Velg Training will pay for (and any additional nights you may wish to have booked but will be paid for by you).

More information:

Velg Training will facilitate a #2020NVC Presenter Webinar in around June/July.  You will be automatically registered for this webinar. If you cannot attend the actual webinar you will be sent the recording!  

We highly recommend you watch that recording so that you are fully informed of the procedures in the lead up to and during, the event.
Contact us:If at any stage you have questions or concerns about your submission to present, your presentation or anything relating to presenting at the NVC, please feel free to reach out.  Your initial point of contact will be:

Leonie Davis
Director, Operations
P 07 3866 0888

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