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early bird closes June 30

Come and meet our Gurus and ask for RTO advice on:

  • Assessment
  • Retention of Records
  • Auditing
  • RPL
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Transition
  • Course Accreditation
  • Validation
  • VET Student Loans
  • Funded Training
  • Volume of Learning
  • HRM Requirements
  • LLN & Foundation Skills
            and much more!

The 2017NVC Guru Bar will be operating from booths 7, 8 and 9. We have 13 Guru’s with us over the two days so be sure to call in to have your questions answered. The Guru Bar is always a hive of activity, so this year you can pre-book an appointment by phoning the Consulting Team prior to the conference to make an appointment. A number of our Gurus have speciality areas such as CRICOS, ELICOS, VET Student Loans, Course Accreditation, Internal Auditing, Funded Training and LLN. Of course, over the two days you can swing by the booth to make your appointment or simply drop in to have your questions answered. The Consulting Team is looking forward to catching up with you.

Our Gurus

John Price

John has been an educator and trainer for over 40 years and in that time has worked as a Head of Department at TAFE, mentor, facilitator of national workshops covering delivery and assessment, risk management, auditing, leadership and interpersonal skill development.

John has been a keynote speaker at conventions and conferences, and maintained a grass roots level approach to dealing with people at all levels of the organisation.

He has also assisted over 300 organisations in Australia to achieve quality certification to the range of National Training Standards including: Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (versions 2012 and 2015); Australian Quality Training Framework standards (AQTF from 2001 – 2010) Australian and International ISO9001 standards (AS/NZS and ISO from 1987 – 2008) and worked with these organisations in establishing continuous improvement systems and strategies.

Carol Hunter

Carol is the Principal of RTO Services and Consulting. Her experience in management in the VET sector includes Director, Training Quality and Regulation, Manager, Audit Services and Manager, Training Secretariat to Training and Employment Recognition Council and Training Employment Board (Queensland) within the Department of Education and Training (Queensland).

 Carol has worked in operational roles in both public and private RTOs, in policy and curriculum development, and as a secondary teacher.

Ed Spink

Ed has worked in the VET sector since 1982 in a variety of roles including, training and assessing in the automotive trades and the development, implementation and ongoing maintenance of quality management systems within both public and private training providers. The quality management systems he has worked with consist of ISO, ARF, QETO, AQTF, and VQF. Ed worked for a number of years with DET as a lead auditor. Ed currently operates his own consultancy business, BES Business Services Pty Ltd assisting RTOs with the development and ongoing maintenance of their RTO management, quality, and compliance systems and with the development and validation of assessments.

 Ed has provided professional development workshops for RTOs on behalf of Velg Training and the Vocational Education and Training Industry Group (VETIG) with topics such as “Suggested evidence for audit”.

Angela McGregor

Angela McGregor-Goodwin is the owner and principal consultant of RTO Consulting who has been offering consulting services throughout Australia. RTO Consulting was also established to provide guidance, coaching and assistance to businesses wanting to become a RTO, existing RTOs and businesses wanting to develop nationally accredited courses.

Angela has successfully set up her own RTO in January 2003, which she successfully sold in July of 2012.

As a practitioner dedicated to sharing knowledge, Angela has consulted through many forums pertaining to compliance issues and improvement strategies for training and assessment services. Angela is known for her current industry, knowledge and success in developing accredited courses and track record in setting up RTOs and assisting RTOs with compliance against the VET Quality Framework.

Angela holds a number of qualifications including; Diploma of Quality Auditing, Diploma of VET Registration and Management, Diploma of Business, Diploma of Training and Assessment and Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing.

Debbie Phipps

Debbie Phipps left the Queensland Government Regulator in 2011 and became a CRICOS specialist consultant so that she could pass on her years of experience to HELP providers.

Debbie has had many years’ experience working for the Queensland Government CRICOS work unit, up to Manager Level, with almost two years’ experience managing the CRICOS Unit that regulated all sectors including Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) providers, Schools, Higher Education Providers and Universities.

Debbie has also managed the Queensland Government Course Accreditation and Vocational Placement Unit for almost two years and has worked in the School Sector and RTO sector so has that understanding of what it is like on the 'other side'.

Deb now has 5 years experience as a Specialist CRICOS Consultant. During that time she has attended several CRICOS audits for various reasons including Re-registration; Increase to Capacity; Extension to Scope and New Provider site audits.

 Debbie's work as a CRICOS Specialist consultant enables her to remain constantly up to date with Regulator requirements across the various sectors.

Janine Temple

Janine has worked in areas such as Vocational Education and Training (VET), Business Management, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, & Human Resource Management. She is experienced in assisting RTOs with their initial application for VET Student Loans, including developing all related documentation.

Her reputation as a leading authority in Vocational Education and Training (VET) is well earned with extensive senior management experience working across Australia in the Animal Care & Management, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Building and Civil Construction, Fitness and Mining sectors.

Kerri Russell

Kerri has over 13 years’ experience in the Australian VET sector in various roles with both private registered training organisations (RTOs) and the Queensland state and National VET regulator.

After a number of years in a private RTO as an AQTF Compliance Officer, I accepted a position with the then state VET regulator as a Lead Auditor and quickly moved into Senior Lead Auditor and Principal Compliance Auditor roles, conducting audits of RTOs and leading a team of auditors. I was later appointed to the role of Manager, Registration & Course Accreditation and took up a number of short term opportunities to act in the role of Director, Training Quality.

In late 2010, I was successful in my application to join the taskforce formed to establish Australia’s first national VET regulator, undertaking a variety of projects to ensure the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) could effectively commence operations from 1 July 2011. I was subsequently appointed to the role of National Manager – Course Accreditation and played a key role in establishing the efficient operation of that regulatory function for ASQA. I then moved to the position of Compliance Manager – Business Improvement to work, among other things, to establish ASQA’s compliance moderation strategy and develop and implement business procedures for allocating, planning and conducting audits.

 Since August 2015, Kerry has been providing consultancy services in RTO registration and compliance and course accreditation.

Kerri-Anne Sommerfeld

Kerrie-Anne Sommerfeld is a training, assessment and curriculum specialist for the VET sector. With a firm belief that growth follows quality, Kerrie-Anne works with organisations to enhance their training and assessment practices.
This includes working with trainers/teachers to develop quality assessments and learning programs to providing high level advice to RTO management and leaders. She is passionate about helping training organisations be the best they can be.
Having helped 100s of teachers plan, develop and validate their assessments, Kerrie-Anne brings a working knowledge and practical approach to her workshops.

Ann Leske

Ann Leske has been involved in education and training for 18 years as an Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy teacher, project manager, researcher, and consultant. Enabling learners to successfully build foundation skills, complete courses, or progress to further adult education or training opportunities is central to her professional focus. Innovative approaches to program designs achieved state and national recognition; published outcomes have influenced others and provided new approaches. Ann leads professional development and consultations across Australia which enable workplaces, RTOs, and teachers to obtain LLN insight and confidently approach LLN delivery. Currently, she is a joint leader, with Chemène Sinson, of established for LLN and VET professionals, to support foundation skill development through vocational education and training. Co-development and delivery of targeted foundation skills ‘Teaching Tips’ professional development webinars is one of a range of support strategies available.

Chemène Sinson

Chemène is a learning and development consultant with 25+ years of experience working with a range of clients, both in Australia and internationally.  She established her Australian consultancy—Blackwater Projects—in 2000.

Chemène has a diverse background in education.  She grew up in Canada where her skills as an ‘educator’ were first honed on a swimming pool deck.  She coached elite athletes at a national level, and later became a coach trainer and mentor. After completing graduate studies in education, Chemène moved into the school system, where she stayed until she immigrated to Australia in 1996.

In Australia, Chemène turned her attention to adult education and VET.  Today she specialises in VET and TAE qualifications.  She delivers accredited and corporate programs for various clients, and has written a range of retail training materials purchased by more than 100 training organisations to date.

Chemène has continued her association with the sport industry.  An Olympian, she has announced or commentated at numerous sporting events, including World Championships, Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Today she works with sportspeople on leadership, presentation and media skills.

Chemène regularly speaks at conferences and special events.  What she loves most about her job… helping people learn how to help people learn.

Allison Miller

Allison Miller has been involved in education and training for more than twenty years as an educator, professional development and e-learning leader. Allison is the Director of Vanguard Visions, an organisation which specialises in cutting edge elearning, eportfolio and ebusiness professional development, consultancy, presentation and writing services.

 Allison’s previous roles include: the Higher Qualification Pathways Business Manager for the National VET E-learning Strategy, the E-portfolios Business Manager, South Australian Innovations Coordinator and the Inclusive E-learning for Youth Project Manager for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Prior to this she was the E-learning Development Coordinator and a Facilitator in Business and Finance for TAFE SA.

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