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Speed Training for RTO Managers

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We Know RTO Managers Are Busy People!!

In the business life of an RTO Manager, finding the time for professional development activities can sometimes be a real challenge!  Velg Training are proud to offer the highest quality content in the most convenient way possible, delivered by absolute experts in their respective fields, through this unique event.

Just like Speed Dating, Speed Training for RTO Managers is based on the idea that focussed, short, sharp information sessions facilitated by a range of different experts can 'bring you up to speed' all in one day!   

Speed Training for RTO Managers provides the opportunity for you to register for 5 x 45 min webinars  and gain some real insights from experienced leaders in the industry who truly understand your role, responsibilities and challenges.

Can't attend all 5 webinars live? Don't worry!  Register for the package of 5, attend those that suit your schedule and you will be sent the recordings for any you missed.  Watch them within 2 weeks of the live event, contact the Velg Training Events Team to advise you have completed them, then you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. Each webinar is part of a 5 piece package, and cannot be purchased individually. 

This event content has been designed explore concepts that fundamentally inform an RTO Manager's day to day activities.  It  is designed for RTO Managers who are both seasoned (to provide them with confirmation of their current practice and some perspectives that might aid their approaches) and new (to assist with unpacking the overall approaches they can take when planning out the year).

Date: Wednesday 27 March 2019





9.00am - 9.45am(AEST)The Role of the RTO Manager
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As an RTO Manager sometimes, it’s a good idea to take some time to look at just what your position means and remind yourself of the critical role you play in maintaining the ongoing compliance of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). It will outline the importance of the roles and responsibilities of the RTO Manager and how this aligns within the overall organisational structure of the organisation. This session will provide an overview of the tasks the RTO Manager is responsible for and what needs to be considered when developing the RTO’s Continuous Improvement Schedule. Sample supportive documentation such as duty statements and checklists will be provided to help guide you throughout the year.

Kerri Buttery
Kerri has worked in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector for two decades as a Trainer/Assessor, RTO Manager and also as a Senior Lead Auditor.
Find out more about Kerri here
10.15am - 11.00am(AEST)Bite Sized Self-Assessment Approach
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As the Manager of an RTO, your role oftentimes feels ‘burdened’ with the heaviness of ongoing self-assessment against compliance requirements. Identifying the risks of non-compliance in an RTO are a fundamental part of any RTO’s heartbeat! Being aware of and understanding where risks within an RTO lie is business critical and a key component of your day-to-day working life. This session will share ideas about how to undertake independent and transparent self-assessments on both an RTO’s practices and on oneself, in manageable ‘pieces’.Maria will walk you through how to interpret risk management in an easy to apply way,and explore the ways to assess, record outcomes and the importance of informing the CEO of any RTO risks.

Maria Langwell 
Maria has worked within the VET sector for over 30 years,  and has held a range of positions within both the public and private sectors. She supports RTOs nationally to interpret and apply the range of regulatory and funding requirements.
Find out more about Maria here
11.30am - 12.15pm(AEST)Arming Yourself with a Plan of Action to Rectify
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Once self-assessment has occurred, processes and practices may have been identified that inform that rectifications are required and/or opportunities for continuous improvement can be utilised. So how do you prioritise and plan for action when it comes to these identified issues? This session will explore an action-planning process that uses a risk-based approach, heavily informed by the identification of any non-compliances that have an impact on past, or potential impact on future learners. Angela will discuss how to approach an implementation plan that clearly identifies the what needs to be done, who will do it, how will it be done and when.

Angela McGregor
Angela is the owner and principal consultant of RTO Consulting who has been offering consulting services throughout Australia for many years.
Find out more about Angela here
1.15pm - 2.00pm(AEST)Getting Staff on Board the Compliance Bus
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Whilst the outcomes of a self-assessment will trigger a compliance ‘rush’, compliance shouldn’t be the object of our function. Rather it should be the result of implementing robust systems and great learning and assessment experiences. However, RTO managers regularly struggle with ensuring that staff understand the importance of consistency in these areas and report that their teams are not always enthusiastic about doing what is necessary to maintain quality. So how do you get the staff on board the Compliance Bus and to that quality destination? In this webinar, Marc will discuss how to build buy-in and will share strategies and techniques that can be used to support a culture of quality. Further to this, he will provide advice on how to embed compliance as part of ongoing practice and troubleshoot how to manage the behaviours of those who miss the bus!

Marc Ratcliffe
Marc is a multi-award-winning trainer, author and education entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of MRWED Training and Assessment.
Find out more about Marc here
2.30pm - 3.15pm(AEST)Annual Declaration: ASQA Perspective
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The session will provide ASQA's perspective on the RTO's Annual Declaration on Compliance (the statement by your RTO confirming that it is compliant with all requirements of the standards). It will encourage attendees to think about the role RTO Managers play in ensuring that self-assessment systems and processes are in place and how evidence of rectifications that have occurred, are important when it comes to the CEO submitting the Declaration.

David Garner
As General Manager Regulatory Operations in the Australian Skills Quality Authority, David has responsibility for implementing ASQA’s regulatory strategy nationally.
Find out more about David here

All webinar times are shown in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time - BRISBANE TIME)

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