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Digital Capability

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Digital Capability offers cutting-edge online training and assessment services.

We specialise in online/blended training and assessment:

  • design and development strategies
  • coaching/mentoring, strategic thinking and leadership support
  • training through workshops, webinars, presentations and action-based learning programs which embed best practice
  • platform consultation, selection and customisation
  • writing, reviewing, customising and validating training resources and assessment tools

Our approach ensures that your online/blended course and assessment strategies meet regulatory and other requirements, as well as your training package and organisational requirements, while streamlining your training, assessing and your validation processes.

We work with your organisation to develop ongoing strategies which are based on more than 15 years’ experience in the online environment, as well as sound research and established best practice, to build capability within your organisation for long term sustainable practices.

Our cutting edge thinking and an extensive network allows us to develop and manage a variety of projects which ensure your organisation and its staff are highly skilled and ready to function in an ever-changing and demanding world.

Our current and previous clients include public, private and enterprise RTOs, universities, and schools as well as corporate and government clients.

Our Office

Head Office

56 Woodcock Crescent
SA 5096

0400732 270

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