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Velg Training Learner Motivation Manual template

Use this Learner Motivation Manual as part of your RTO’s response to Standard 1.7, ‘Support learners’. This document is designed to encourage students throughout their learning journey, and to motivate them toward achieving their study goals with your RTO.

OECD: Teachers and Leaders in Vocational Education and Training (2021)

This report fills the knowledge gap on teachers and leaders in VET, and produces new insights into what strategies and policies can help develop and maintain a well-prepared workforce.

Certificate (qualification) Template

An example template for a qualification certificate

Sample: Federation University VET Assessment Policy

An example of a VET Assessment Policy

Webinar Recording: Pursuing Management Excellence: Integrating coaching conversations

Recorded on the 5/10/2022 this webinar drew on the on the 70-20-10 model for learning and development, Influence Digest's #3 coach in Sydney in 2021, Marianne Bateup, guided attendees on on how to integrate coaching conversations to complement, bolster, and embed training, learning, and growth.

TAC: Webinar - Understanding Training Packages

Training Accreditation Council (TAC) webinar which explores the components of a training package and how to interpret them, covering key topics including information on qualifications and how they are specified, units of competency what they include, guidance to support the use of training packages, accredited courses and transition and scope.

VelgCast: General Direction: Quality Indicators

An overview of ASQA's General Direction on quality indicators - relevant to RTOs operating under ASQA's jurisdiction

Velgcast: Foundation Skills

An overview of Foundation Skills and how they relate to other frameworks

ASQA - Glossary

The following terms, definitions and acronyms are used in the VET sector in Australia and by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

TEQSA: Understanding academic integrity

These pages define academic integrity and explain different types of cheating to help students understand the risks and penalties for poor behaviour. This information will help you to identify, avoid and report illegal cheating services. The information on these pages is designed to help you to understand these topics.

National Careers Institute: Succeed (n.d.)

The Succeed publication provides an introduction to the VET sector and gives a sneak peek into the opportunities VET offers young people.

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