Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The following FAQ’s have been drafted based on member enquiries. If you have any further questions, please contact our membership services team on 07 3866 0888 or via email



Q: Is there a trial period?
A: There is no trial period for Velg Training Membership. 

Q: I have an Individual Membership, can I upgrade to a Corporate Membership?
A: Membership can be upgraded at any time. The balance of an Individual Membership is applied as pro-rata discount to the cost of the Corporate Membership.

To request a Membership upgrade, please contact the Membership Team at

Q: Can my Individual Membership be transferred to another staff member?
A: Individual Membership is transferrable as per our Terms & Conditions.

Note: To transfer your Membership, please contact the Membership Team at

Q: Who can be added as a Sibling Account to my Corporate Membership?
A: An unlimited number of Sibling Accounts can be created under your Corporate Membership. To be added to the membership these sibling accounts must be paid either as PAYG staff or contract trainers/assessors by the named corporate member.

Q: Will you share my details with any third party or other Members?
A: Velg Training will NOT share your details with third parties or other Members. 

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Members Lounge

Q: I’m having difficulty navigating the new Members Lounge – who do I contact for help?
A: Please contact our Membership Team at or by phone to 07 3866 0888 and select option '4' for membership.


Q: How can I keep track of my Vocational Education and Training (VET) Professional Development (PD)?
A: The Members Lounge now displays an online history of all previously attended VET PD, as well as upcoming events. You can download invoices and Statements of Attendance (SOA) as well as view electronic resources from previous events.

Note: For your PD history to attach you must be logged into the site upon registering for the event.

Q: How do I create Sibling Accounts?
A: The appointed 'administrator of your corporate account can create Sibling Accounts under the ‘My Account’ section of the Members Lounge, by selecting ‘Sibling Account Management’ and completing the required detailst. For step by step instructions please click here.

NoteIf you have a large amount of sibling accounts you would like added at once, please contact the Membership Team on 07 3866 0888 and select option '4' for membership to discuss how we can facilitate a bulk upload to your account.

Q: How do I stop receiving the regular updates from Velg Training, including E-Alerts and the weekly Members eNews?
A: Upon joining the Velg Training Membership program, you are automatically added to our mailing list database to receive email communications. To remove yourself from the mailing list, log in to the Members Lounge and select ‘My Account’. At the bottom of this page, you can select which publications you would like to opt out of. 

Note:  Unchecking 'Newsletter' will only remove you from the weekly members eNews.  Unchecking 'Mailing List' will remove you from all other correspondence from Velg Training other than reminder notices regarding the renewal of your membership.


Q: What if I forget my password?

A: Click here to be taken to the ‘Forgot Your Password’ form to reset your password.

Q: How do I update my details on the Members Lounge?
A: Log in to the Members Lounge and select ‘My Account’. Here you can update your Membership details including your password and mailing address.  

Note:  Some details remain locked and must be updated by a Velg Training team member.  Please contact our Membership Team at or by phone to 07 3866 0888 and select option '4' for membership to discuss amending these details.

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Q: How do I add a purchase order (PO) number to my order of Membership, events or products?
A: When you complete the online registration, select the red ‘Pay Later’ option and you will be emailed an unpaid tax invoice. In this email there is a link to pay the invoice via credit card and a field to insert a PO number. This PO number will then appear on your paid invoice.

Note: PO number can only be added to invoices when paying via credit card. If you cannot pay via credit card and need a PO number added, please contact to have the purchase order entered manually onto your invoice.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We offer two methods of payment - Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/Direct Debit). We do not store your credit card details and our online payment form is secured via 256-bit SSL secure encryption. 

We are unable to accept payment by American Express. If these payments methods do not meet your organisation’s requirements, please contact for further assistance.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Our payment terms, as listed on all invoices, are seven (7) days from the date of invoice. If your organisation is not able to meet these payment terms, please contact for further assistance.

Please be aware that event registrations or purchases are not completed until payment is received. As such your event registration, and thus your seat at the training, will not be secured until payment has been received. Consequently, Velg Training takes no responsibility for you inability to attend an event if payment is not received prior to the event or if the event reaches capacity prior to your payment being received.

Note: Our invoicing terms may differ for consulting services, sponsorship opportunities and major events, but payment terms remain at seven (7) days from the date of invoice.

Q: How do I request a refund?
AAll registration cancellation requests are required in writing and acknowledged by a Velg Training staff member prior to the cut off period as listed in our terms and conditions. Acknowledged cancellations will automatically receive a refund LESS the administration fee listed on our terms and conditions. Refunds are made directly via the original payment method. I.e. credit card payments will be refunded directly to the credit card used to make the original payment. EFT payments will be refunded by EFT.

Refunds for cancelled events or rescheduled events will be processed automatically with no written request required from the booking authoriser. No administration fee deducted for event cancellation or rescheduling.

For further detail please ensure our Terms and Conditions are read at the time of registration.

Q: How long with it take to receive my refund.
ARefunds are processed within five (5) working days of the being lodged with the Velg Training finance department. Refund documentation will be emailed once the refund has been processed.

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Event Registration

Q: Can I register more than one attendee at a time?
A: Depending on the event and its availability, you may select up to ten attendees at registration. Individual Members will receive their first registration at Member rate, and all subsequent registrations will be charged the standard Non-Member registration fee. Corporate Members will receive a Membership rate for all registrations, but will choose additional attendees from staff listed as Sibling Accounts.

Q: Can I receive a group discount?
A: Group discounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis by emailing At this point in time, no group discounts apply for Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA) workshops.

Q: I need an invoice to submit to my accounts department, can you please provide one?
A: Please complete the registration steps as standard. When you reach the payment step, select the ‘Pay Later’ option, which will suspend your registration and forward you an unpaid tax invoice. Once payment has been received, your registration will auto-complete, and confirmation will be sent to you.

Q: If I can’t pay my invoice immediately, can you please still reserve my place?
A: Unfortunately no places are reserved. Places are allocated when payment has been received, so please ensure payment is made as soon as possible in order to secure your place at the event.

Q: I can no longer attend this workshop, can I send a colleague in my place?
A: Certainly, please email as soon as possible with the name, email address and any dietary requirements of the new attendee, and a staff member will be in touch to confirm the name change.

Q: What is a ‘Guest Attendee’?
AWhen you are registering as a Corporate Member for an event, you can select either yourself as the attendee, any Sibling Account member, or a ‘Guest Attendee’. As a Corporate Member, this ‘Guest Attendee’ will automatically create a new Subscriber Account for the registered individual, at the Velg Training Member rate. This new ‘Guest Attendee’ must fall within the Terms & Conditions of Corporate Membership with respect to Sibling Accounts.

As an Individual Member, adding a ‘Guest Attendee’ enables you to register more than one individual at a time for an event. Under an Individual Membership plan, the ‘Guest Attendee’ registration is charged the Velg Training Non-Member rate, with no impact on your Individual Membership.

Note: Please ensure that all contact details, including the email address for ‘Guest Attendees’, are accurate as all communications, reminders and account information is sent to the provided email address.

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Product Purchases

Q: How do I request a new product be developed by Velg Training?
A: Members can email their request to our Membership Resource Developer at and they will determine whether this then becomes a complimentary product for all Members or a commercial product for both Members and Non-Members.

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Q: I haven’t attended a webinar before – how does it all work?
A: As many of our participants are new to online PD, we’ve developed FAQs specifically for webinars.  For further assistance, please contact our Webinar Team at

Note: Read our Webinar FAQs.

Q:  How do I present a workshop or webinar with Velg Training?
APlease submit your expression of interest for workshops and webinars to

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Q: How do I submit an article for Velg Training’s weekly newsletters, the Member eNews and/or Subscriber Bulletin?
A: Please download a copy of our E-newsletter Article Submission Guidelines. For further information, please contact

Q: Does Velg Training sponsor external VET events?
A: Velg Training is dedicated to Educating, Inspiring and Empowering the Australian VET sector.  As such, we are always open to calls for presenters, exhibitors and other sponsorship-related opportunities in the VET sector.

Note: For more information about Velg Training sponsoring or presenting at your upcoming event, please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager at

Q: Does Velg Training use social media?
A: Velg Training currently utilises five social media channels to ‘stay connected in VET’: Twitter @velgtraining, Facebook, LinkedIn and the National RTO Network Group, YouTube and WordPress.

Note: For more information on social media basics for business, please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager at

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Q: Does Velg Training provide consulting services to RTOs?
AVelg Training’s consulting services are now more diverse than ever, with a range of consulting options delivered by VET industry experts who work with RTOs, Higher Education providers and Schools across Australia. Based on client feedback and demand the following specialist services have been developed to meet the needs of our clients:

To discuss our consulting services, please contact our Consulting Team at

Q: Does Velg Training provide consulting services specifically to Queensland Schools?
AYes, the following specialist services have been developed to meet the needs of our Queensland School clients:

For more information on Velg Training consulting services offered to Queensland Schools, please click here

To discuss our consulting services, please contact our Consulting Team at

Q: Does Velg Training provide free advice to Members on VET issues?
AYes, we offer advice and assistance from Velg Training staff on a wide range of VET matters. Advice is limited to responding to brief, general VET queries. More in-depth questions or specific review of RTO documents or processes may require a formal consulting quote to be raised.

For more information on Velg Training consulting services, please click here

To discuss our consulting services, please contact our Consulting Team at

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In House Professional Development

Q: Does Velg Training offer customised professional development services?
AYes, through our ‘Professional Development’ service, we can tailor any of the below options to suit your professional development needs:

To discuss your ‘In House PD’ options, please contact our Consulting Team at

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RTO Business Directory

Q: What is the RTO Business Directory?
A: Our website has a RTO Business Directory which is a free service available to organisations and/or consultants to assist with sourcing information on the following services:

  • VQF/AQTF compliance
  • Assessment resources
  • AVETMISS software
  • Client management software
  • Consulting
  • CRICOS consulting
  • Educational publishing
  • Educational training equipment
  • E-learning
  • Funding Consulting
  • Insurance
  • Student management system
  • TAE10 resources
  • Training resources
  • Training
  • Recruitment

Our RTO Business Directory provides a searchable database of organisations and consultants that specialise in VET products and services.

Our aim is to provide the largest resource for finding quality VET related products and services on the market. Clients can browse listings alphabetically, geographically, or by using a combination of search parameters. Velg Training does not endorsed any of the products and services listed, we aim to offer you a range of products and services for you to research.


Q: Why list my organisation on this directory?

A: Velg Training’s website is the bookmarked page on thousands of Australian browsers who work within the VET community!

Q: How can my organisation be listed on this directory?
A: Please send an email to for the RTO Business Directory information.  Once we have all your details, listings are generally up on our website within 48 hours.

Q: Who can I contact to discuss the RTO Business Directory?
A: Please contact our Business Development Team at

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