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As a Velg Training Member a selection of the following templates are available to you for FREE! 

These templates have been tailor-made with care and expertise as we only want you to receive the highest quality materials that are going to be of benefit to you.


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Agreement for Evidence CollectionRTO Training Tools Australia$18.00$22.00
Assessment Mapping templateVelg Training$0.00$15.00
Assessment Template BundleRTO Training Tools Australia$198.00$242.00
Delivering Training Under Supervision - Template
Framework for Assessment Marking GuideRTO Training Tools Australia$77.00$99.00
Industry Engagement Template SuiteVET Nexus$55.00$77.00
Internal Audit Self Assessment Report templateVelg Training$199.00$399.00
Internal Validation and QA Record templateVelg Training$22.00$44.00
Issuing Certification Checklist templateVelg Training$0.00$10.00
Learner Motivation Manual templateVelg Training$55.00$77.00
Mapping TemplateRTO Training Tools Australia$18.00$22.00
Marketing Checklist & Register templatesVelg Training$0.00$22.00
National Code 2018 at a GlanceVelg Training$0.00$10.00
Observation ChecklistsRTO Training Tools Australia$40.00$48.00
Overseas Students Attendance - Part 1Velg Training$0.00$0.00
Overseas Students Attendance - Part 2Velg Training$0.00$0.00
QLD Schools Internal Review templateVelg Training$0.00$33.00
Queensland School RTO Annual ChecklistVelg Training$22.00$44.00
Refund SuiteVelg Training$33.00$55.00
Risk Register Tool templateVelg Training$66.00$88.00
RTO Induction Program for Trainers and AssessorsVelg Training$0.00$55.00
RTO Manager Annual Schedule ProductVETNexus$100.00$125.00
Self Assessment Report - Student Centred Approach templateVelg Training$199.00$399.00
Skills Service Organisations ChartVelg Training$0.00$22.00
Standards at a Glance CardVelg Training$0.00$10.00
Student Code of Conduct formVelg Training$0.00$22.00
TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment RPL Assessor KitJohn Price and Associates Pty Ltd$1,890.00$2,140.00
TAEDEL301 Provide Work Skill Instruction RPL Kit
RTO Training Tools Australia
TAEDEL301 RPL Candidate Evidence Guide Product
RTO Training Tools Australia
Third Party Agreement templateVelg TrainingCurrently being updatedCurrently being updated
Third-Party Evidence Gathering templateVET Nexus$44.00$66.00
Third Party Recruitment Services Agreement TemplateVelg TrainingCurrently being updatedCurrently being updated
Trainer and Assessor Profile templatesVelg Training$0.00$33.00
Trainer and Assessor Requirements at a GlanceVelg Training$0.00$15.00
Trainer Code of ConductVelg Training$0.00$10.00
Trainer/Assessor Vocational Competence Equivalence SuiteVelg Training$22.00$44.00
Training and Assessment Strategy templateVelg Training$0.00$44.00
Training Product Review templateVelg Training$99.00$199.00
Transition Plan templateVelg Training$0.00$33.00
Unit Outcome RecordRTO Training Tools Australia$18.00$22.00
Validation Requirements at a GlanceVelg Training$0.00$15.00
Validation ResourcesVelg Training$0.00$44.00
VET Student Handbook templateVelg Training$55.00$77.00
Vocational Competency and Equivalence Mapping Tool TemplateTraining Tools Australia$55.00$77.00
Volume of Learning and Amount of Training GuidesVelg Training$20.00$30.00
Work Placement Record BookRTO Training Tools Australia$55.00$66.00

Our suite of past webinars are available to you so you don’t miss out on the information and knowledge you need!

If you are a Velg Training Member, we also have our Members Lunchbox webinars available to you for FREE as well. 

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Date Recorded


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2017 Virtual VET Summit Recording: Developing Clustered Assessment14-Mar-17John Price$49.00$79.00
2017 Virtual VET Summit Recording: Essential Components of the RPL Process14-Mar-17John Price$49.00$79.00
2017 Virtual VET Summit Recording: Mapping for Quality Assurance15-Mar-17Kerri Buttery $49.00$79.00
2017 Virtual VET Summit RTO Management and Compliance Recording: The Impact of the Student Centred Approach on Internal Audits21-Nov-17Carol Hunter$49.00$79.00
ASQA's Audit Approach17-Mar-17David Garner$0.00$0.00
ASQA Complimentary Webinar - Third Party Arrangements22-Aug-19David Garner$0.00$0.00
AVETMISS release 8.0: are you prepared?08-Dec-17Airlie Waddicor$0.00$0.00
Back to Basics – How does a unit of competency really work?20-Mar-19John Dwyer$49.00$79.00
Developing Effective Assessment Questions08-Nov-18Ed Spink$49.00$79.00
Documenting the Volume of Learning in the Training and Assessment Strategy05-Jul-17Carol Hunter$49.00$79.00
Does your TAS Represent your Story21-Feb-18John Dwyer$49.00$79.00
Efficient Marking Guides: Tips to getting it right07-Aug-18Carol Hunter$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: Checking Documentation for Compliance27-Jun-18John Dwyer$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: Conducting Assessment Using Project Oriented Tasks23-Mar-18Joe Newbery$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: Creating Compliant Online Assessment04-Dec-18Allison Miller$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: eLearning Fundamentals for Excelling in eLearning Engagement03-Dec-18Damian Noud$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: Engaging Online Learning Tools for Training07-Dec-18Kerri Buttery $49.00$79.00
Focus Week: HTML, CSS and Bootstrap Hacks for eLearning05-Dec-18Scott Huntley$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: Internal Auditing: Tips and techniques and examples of schedules28-Jun-18Marc Ratcliffe$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: Kickstarting Your Digital Transformation06-Dec-18Tania Gomez$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: Student information, Support and Complaints & Appeals29-Jun-18Angela McGregor$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: The 'Rolling' Five-Year Validation Plan, and the Benefits it Achieved26-Jun-18John Price$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: Third-Party Arrangements
Joe Newbery$49.00$79.00
Internal Review of a Qualification on your Scope of Registration25-Apr-18Angela McGregor$49.00$79.00
Marketing Compliance: Reviewing and monitoring material28-Aug-18Kerri Buttery $49.00$79.00
Meeting your updated Trainer/Assessor Requirements against Clauses 1.13 - 1.2418-Jul-18John Dwyer$49.00$79.00
Most Common Assessment Issues Identified by ASQA11-Jul-18Melanie Alexandra$49.00$79.00
NVPD Week: Plan Assessment Activities & Processes22-Oct-18Joe Newbery$49.00$79.00
NVPD Week: Understanding the Principles of Assessment and the Rules of Evidence25-Oct-18John Dwyer$49.00$79.00
NVPD Week: The 123 of Creating Observation Checklists23-Oct-18Kerri Buttery $49.00$79.00
NVPD Week: Trainer and Assessor Requirements: The glitter and the gold24-Oct-18Angela McGregor$49.00$79.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Complimentary Webinar12-May-17John Price$0.00$0.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Full Webinar SuiteMay - Jul -17John Price$180.00$280.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 1 - TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs19-May-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 10 - BSBCMM401 Make a presentation28-Jul-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 2 - TAEDES402 Use training packages or accredited courses to meet client needs26-May-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 3 - TAEDEL401 Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning09-Jun-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 4 - TAEDEL402 Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace16-Jun-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 5 - TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes23-Jun-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 6 - TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools30-Jun-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 7 - TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation07-Jul-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 8 - TAEASS402 Assess Competence14-Jul-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Providing Evidence of TAE Currency Webinar 9 - TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills28-Jul-17John Price$20.00$30.00
Quality Indicator Survey - A chore? Or something more?14-Aug-18John Price$49.00$79.00
Systematic validation of assessment - what are you checking?07-Nov-18John Price$49.00$79.00
Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of the RTO's CEO07-Feb-18John Dwyer$49.00$79.00
The What, Why, Who, How and When of Reasonable Adjustment13-Mar-19Carol Hunter$49.00$79.00
Focus Week: RPL: What IS the Professional Conversation?05-Apr-19John Price$49.00$79.00
The Impact of Non-Compliant Practice17-Apr-19Angela McGregor$49.00$79.00
Validation Planning that Works!04-Jul-18John Price$49.00$79.00
Engaging Learners' – Resources & Activities08-May-19John Blake$49.00$79.00
What Do Foundation Skills Mean for the 'General' Trainer/Assessor23-May-18John Dwyer$49.00$79.00
Focus Week Administration - Recordkeeping: What to keep and why it's so important!17-June-19Angela McGregor$49.00$79.00
Focus Week Administration - Enrolment: Entry requirements & students support needs18-June-19
Angela McGregor
Focus Week Administration - Training and Assessment Strategy? That’s just for the trainers isn’t it?19-June-19
Angela McGregor
Focus Week Administration - The What, Why and How of Trainer and Assessor Files20-June-19
Angela McGregor
Focus Week Administration - Assessment Validation: Making it happen!21-June-19
Angela McGregor
Credit Transfer: Getting it right!10-July-19
John Dwyer$49.00$79.00
Do You Want to Party? - Third party arrangements11-June-19
Carol Hunter$49.00$79.00

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