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Your Way: (Velg2Go) Guidelines for Conducting a Training Product Review

This Velg2Go online course is from our suite of Your Way offerings.

It is ready to be delivered to your staff, at a time that suits you! Need more information? Simply fill out our enquiry form below for a quote.

Explore the ‘how to’ of Training Product Reviews (internal reviews) and learn the secret to conducting them without it seeming like a chore!

Conducting Training Product Reviews is critical to successfully managing an RTO to ensure the RTO’s compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015 (with a particular focus on the training product - primarily with Standard 1).

In this course you will learn how to complete this important process effectively and understand how review  relates to the overall success of your RTO and  how it can inform your continuous improvement cycle.

Unlike any other PD you have experienced before, Velg2Go transforms the way you learn! This is not the same as traditional self-paced, online learning, Velg2Go couples our exclusive content with cutting-edge opportunities to interact. This is the highest quality PD available in an online environment with video interviews from VET Guru’s, interactive activities, discussion forums and extension activities.

On completion of the course you get to take away a range of supportive resources and templates (including the Velg Training Training Product Review template valued at $199.00*)

Designed to be undertaken at your own pace and in your own time (approximately 1 hour a week for 6 weeks) this course is the perfect platform to ensure this is the year of quality reviews within your RTO.

Key topics covered:

  • Standards for RTOs 2015 – Relevant clauses
  • Overview of an internal review process for a training product
  • How it links to the continuous improvement cycle
  • A step by step process for conducting an internal review
  • Staff involved in an internal review
  • Preparing for an internal review
  • Evidence needed for the review
  • Determining judgments against each of the clauses
  • Developing a rectification strategy
  • Addressing non-compliances and opportunities for improvement
  • Confirmation of completed rectifications

Who should attend

  • Trainer/Assessor
  • Consultant
  • Head of Faculty/Department/Area Manager
  • Government Officer
  • Private Individual

What to expect

  • Online resources 
  • Interaction with facilitator and other participants
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance


Velg Training Consultant

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