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Advanced TAE PD Week

We are so proud of the success of our TAE and Advanced TAE PD Weeks!

In 2020 and 2021 Velg Training and MRWED united to provide Trainers and Assessors with the opportunity to participate in affordable, quality, professional development during our TAE PD Week and Advanced TAE PD Week.

Both events were designed to provide professional development that directly aligned with the units of competency from
the TAE40116, TAE50116 and TAE50216.

Across these events, we collectively trained over 2,600 Trainers and Assessors!

Here's what participants had to say:

TAE PD WeekAdvanced TAE PD Week

It was the first I had attended, and really gave me some clarity around Mentor, Coach, Trainer - it definitely left me thinking of how I can best engage with learners

Excellent information, providing not only examples of where RTO's are not up to scratch with assessment practices, but very clear and relevant strategies and practices to address these non-compliances.

Reinforced a lot of what I  knew and was very easy to understand - made you really think about our cohortsProvided good direction and ideas for improving what is already being done!

The content was very interesting and up to date. The trainer was excellentVery Informative information and well presented

A good explanation for new trainers and a good refresher for senior trainersA good range of examples and practical ideas presented

Despite being online it was very personal and interactive.Concise, clear, very well-paced

It was great having it online and being able to get a copy of the presentation recording to review again afterwards.The facilitator was engaging, the presentation slides were visually pleasing and not wordy

It was reassuring in areas I am already addressing and enlightening in areas I had not yet addressed or angles not yet considered.The links provided to helpful websites, statistics and puzzles were good, engaging slides, free resources, interactive polls kept your attention from wandering

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