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Essentials for Re-Registration: Plan, Prepare and Perform (Webinar Series)

27 February, 5 & 12 March 2020

Each Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is required to renew their registration at least 90 days prior to the registration expiry date. Therefore it is important that early planning and preparation is incorporated into the renewal application process.

Whilst it’s essential that the renewal application demonstrates compliance against the Standards, it is also critically important that those involved in this process are prepared for an ASQA Audit.

This brand new webinar series will examine how to plan, prepare and implement a successful and smooth re-registration process for the whole team. Join Kevin Ekendahl our leading expert in Re-registration from Audit Express.

Key topics covered within the webinar series

Session 1: Planning for Re-registration: Prior planning prevents poor performance

Session 1 will explore the crucial planning phase of re-registration and the requirements for an audit upon assessment of the RTO’s application. Prior planning of your current registration and practices is important to ensure the RTO has a clear road map of the re-registration process and the areas of most risk to the RTO. This webinar will explore:

  • Identifying and codifying risk
  • Developing a risk matrix
  • Undertaking a risk analysis
  • Planning strategies
  •  Creating a strategic plan

Session 2: Preparation for Re-registration: How to be prepared

Session 2 is about preparedness and the state of readiness prior to the re-registration process. It is also about being ‘Audit-Ready’ and how to effectively be prepared prior to an audit to ensure a successful outcome. This webinar will explore the importance of:

  • Internal auditing and why it’s important
  • Validation
  • Quality controls and continuous improvements
  • Surveys and feedback (including complaints)
  • Industry Engagement

Session 3: Performance: Everything depends upon execution

The final session will examine how an RTO can implement and execute meaningful plans and a clear vision for the re-registration application process. “Everything depends on execution, having just a vision is no solution”. - Stephen Sondheim. This webinar will unpack the significance of having quality systems in place and will explore the following:

  • How to create an effective rectification plan
  • Creating a quality management system
  • Implementing an assessment system
  • Purchasing versus Creating your assessment tools
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement
  •  Driving excellence

NB. Can't make the sessions?
We send out all electronic resources to registrants within 48 hours of the series closure. All Velg Training Webinars are scheduled in AEST (QLD time) - please check your timezone before logging onto the online training session.

Dates & Time

27 February, 5 & 12 March 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm (AEST: QLD)

Other timezones:
12:00pm - 1:00pm (AEST: NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS)
11:30am - 12:30pm (ACST: SA)
10:30am - 11:30am (ACST: NT)
9:00am - 10:00am (AWST: WA)

Who should attend

  • CEO/RTO Owners
  • RTO/Compliance Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Consultants
  • Operational Staff from an RTO who play a role in the registration process

What to expect

Presented by Kevin Ekendahl, you will be provided with the following resources after the webinar series:

  • PowerPoint
  • Recording of the webinar (three months access)
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance (must have attended all 3 sessions)


Kevin Ekendahl


Kevin Ekendahl is the Managing Director of Audit Express, Kevin is passionate about Australian training and education, specialising in the provision of quality training, compliance consulting and internal audit. He has been a vocal and energetic campaigner for the reduction of regulation and red tape in the VET sector, and frequently provides advice to Ministers and Departments at state and Commonwealth levels. Kevin was previously a board member of the Victorian Board of the Medical Board of Australia and also publishes regularly on the topic of regulation and industry best practice. Prior to his work with Audit Express, he was the General Manager of Social Enterprises for a not-for-profit organisation and he also worked in the advertising sector in print and radio.

Opportunities to interact

  • Use a microphone to speak with trainer/attendees
  • Raise your 'virtual hand' to engage in discussion
  • Share your thoughts via online chat window
  • Answer online polls that provide instant group feedback

NB. If you would like to send chat questions to the presenter, Kevin Ekendahl, before the session, please email

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