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How to Get Your Buzz Back Professionally and Personally: 4 Steps to Better Mind Health

18 September 2020

Join our 2020 National VET Conference Motivational Speaker,  Anthony Hart today!

Whilst our capacity to run a large face-to-face event is not possible because of the curveballs 2020 has thrown us, it won’t stop us from bringing our 2020 National VET Conference Motivational Speaker to you!

In keeping with our #2020NVC theme, Vision for the Future, Velg Training is proud to introduce Anthony Hart, a professional speaker and a man on a mission to improve the future of mental health in this country.

About this session:

“It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s what you do about it”

We all know deep down that we should treat all health issues the same, regardless of whether they are physical or mind health related. With that said, we go to extraordinary lengths to hide ‘mind health’ challenges at all cost, especially for the men only going to your doctor when it is nearly too late.

So how do we enable people to identify and take early action in the areas of physical and mental wellbeing, mitigating health challenges escalating into serious issues?

Anthony Hart empowers attendees with his incredibly powerful personal story of hope, recovery and arduous rehabilitation to help address the appalling incidence of suicide that exists in Australia today.

This session will help support your current and future mental wellbeing by invigorating your life with a very structured, relatable, and effective Mind Health path.

This session is designed for businesses, trainers, executives, educators, and individuals to help them focus on achieving their mind and physical wellbeing goals (something we can all benefit from in these unprecedented times of seeming disconnection). It aims to provide the motivation and tools to:

  • help staff better deal with the complexities of the changing work environment; and 
  • build a ‘Culture of Care’ within your organisation

What participants will gain from this session:

  • Learn how to put together, integrate, and get the most out of their own Better Mind Health Action Plan.
  • Be taught how to use the LIFEBACK TRACKER as a tool to express care
  • Walk away with a Personalised Action Plan of steps to build Better Mind Health
  • The LIFEBACK TRACKER free App.

NB. Can't make the session?
We send out all electronic resources to registrants within 48 hours of the session closure. All Velg Training Webinars are scheduled in AEST (QLD time) - please check your timezone before logging onto the online training session.

Date & Time

18 September 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm (AEST: QLD)

Other timezones:
11:00am - 12:00pm (AEST: NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS)
10:30am - 11:30am (ACST: SA)
10:30am - 11:30am (ACST: NT)
9:00am - 10:00am (AWST: WA)


Who should attend

This session is designed for businesses, trainers, executives, educators and individuals - for ANYONE who works in the Vocational Education and Training space

  • CEO/Owners
  • RTO/Compliance Managers
  • Operational/Senior Managers
  • Heads of Faculty/Department/Area Managers
  • L&D Managers
  • Teachers

  • HR Managers
  • Consultants
  • Administrators
  • Private Individuals
  • Curriculum Developers

What to expect

Presented by Anthony Hart, you will be provided with the following resources after the event:

  • PowerPoint
  • Recording of the webinar (three months access)
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance


Anthony Hart

Anthony Hart is a passionate social entrepreneur and a mental health advocate who is on a mission to change attitudes around mental health in Australia. He is a much-sought-after professional speaker, with a life-changing, confronting yet powerful story to share

Anthony is a gregarious and relatable presenter who delivers the raw truth about mental health in Australia, yet does so in a manner that empowers the audience with the active tools to facilitate positive change in their own lives or the lives of others. His stories are designed to inspire, activate and educate the audience to join a new movement that nurtures positive support for those suffering from depression and anxiety.

Anthony is the founder of Lifeback Tracker an award-winning mental health support program is designed to empower anyone confronted with a mental health challenge with a powerful four-step framework to assist them better confront and overcome early stages of anxiety and depression.

He is a man of integrity who has literally walked to the edges of the mental health crises via his own lived experience. This has enabled him the depth of emotional intelligence to truly understand and unpack the masks that veil our ability to acknowledge the impact of depression in our lives.

There is no need to battle mental health on our own, and Anthony is the mate who represents all of the mates that we can turn too when the going gets tough. We just need to know how to take off our masks.

Opportunities to interact

  • Use a microphone to speak with trainer/attendees (Not available in all Webinars)
  • Raise your 'virtual hand' to engage in discussion
  • Share your thoughts via online chat window
  • Answer online polls that provide instant group feedback

NB. If you would like to send chat questions to the presenter Anthony Hart before the session, please email

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