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Your Way: Speed Training (Webinar Bundle): Competence & Currency Essentials

This 4 x 45-minute webinar bundle is from our suite of Your Way offerings. It is ready to be presented to your staff, at a time that suits you! Need more information? Simply fill out our enquiry form below for a quote. 

This Speed Training event aims to help Trainers and Assessors AND RTO/Compliance Managers understand clearly the requirements for all Trainers and Assessors who deliver nationally recognised training and provide hints and tips on how to gain, maintain and record competency and currency.

Just like Speed Dating, Speed Training is based on the idea that focussed, short, sharp information sessions facilitated by our VET Expert can ‘bring you up to speed’.

The Speed Training event provides the opportunity for 4 x 45 min webinars* and gain some real insights about the obligations of an RTO (and Trainers and Assessors) when it comes to ensuring they can demonstrate they are meeting the requirements for trainers and assessors.

What will be covered in the Speed Training  sessions:

Webinar 1: Being a Competent Trainer and Assessor

  • The mandatory training credential and what this qualifies the trainer and assessor to do
  • The types of evidence a trainer and assessor can use to demonstrate vocational/industry competence
  • Claiming vocational/industry competence through the effective recording of demonstrated evidence

Webinar 2: Maintaining Vocational/Industry Currency

  • The units of competency being delivered and assessed
  • Awareness of the industry sector and its evolving practices
  • Being ‘informed’ as a training and assessment resource

Webinar 3: Maintaining Trainer and Assessor Currency

  • The mandatory TAE requirements
  • VET Sector awareness, and
  • RTO operations.

Webinar 4: Demonstrating, recording and approving evidence of competence and currency

  • Pulling together demonstrated evidence
  • Understanding the relevance of the evidence to the RTO
  • Effectively documenting the evidence for purposes of RTO approval
  • Professional development planning

Who should attend

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Melanie Alexandra


Melanie Alexandra has held a variety of roles within the Academic and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector over the past 25 years winning awards for practice excellence in teaching and learning and outstanding leadership.

As a Trainer and Assessor, Head of Faculty and Program Manager Melanie has authored and developed academic curriculum and vocational qualifications from Certificate I to Degree level, delivered nationally recognised and accredited programs to learners in schools, colleges and universities, and provided professional development workshops, webinars and online learning programs to training professionals in schools, higher education institutions and registered training organisations.

As an RTO Manager, Melanie has lead RTO teams and businesses from a critically non-compliant status to successful re-registration and as Head of Quality Assurance and Lead Verifier worked extensively with regulatory bodies to ensure high standards of quality and compliance.

Melanie worked as Senior Lead Auditor for ASQA’s regulatory delegate, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, conducting regulatory audits and registrations against the current VET Quality Framework and Standards for RTOs 2015, and now provides quality VET audit and compliance consulting services in support of Registered Training Organisations and providers of VET in Schools.

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