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Your Way: Reflecting on Our Online Delivery

This 90 minute webinar is from our  suite of Your Way offerings.

It is ready to be presented to your staff, at a time that suit you! Need more information? Simply fill out our enquiry form below for a quote.

With attrition rates consistently surpassing 20% in tertiary education over the past decade, education providers are looking beyond the gloom to discover what works. What strategies can educators use to engage learners and encourage success? Reflecting on QILT’s Student Engagement Survey, studies show that an increased level of commitment is needed by providers and educators.

Learn about some easy-to-use strategies that will support students toward active engagement and job-readiness while also assisting your RTO in areas such as: 

  • student support;
  • teaching quality;
  • skills development;
  • learning resources;
  • learner engagement; and
  • the quality of the entire educational experience.

It isn’t just what resources you use, it is how you integrate the resources with collaboration between departments, provision of assistance, planned occasions of knowledge building, group work, emotional resilience-building, and quality teaching.

Participants will be encouraged to contribute before walking away from this 90-minute webinar with:

  • An achievable to-do list 
  • Self-reflection and validation considerations
  • Free and royalty-free resource development websites
  • Resources and data for organisational decision-making
  • Satisfaction when your RTO or HEP student retention statistics improve

Key topics covered

  • Educational evidence of impactful engagement
  • Instructional strategies that have supported learners
  • Development of partnerships within the learning community
  • Collaborative reflections of our online delivery
  • Commitment to our future of online delivery
  • Websites, template ideas, tech advice

Who should attend

Anyone responsible for developing or delivering training online. 

  • Trainers/Assessors
  • Training Managers
  • Curriculum/Resource Developers
  • Instructional Designers
  • L&D Managers

What to expect

  • PowerPoint
  • Recording of the webinar (three months access)
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance


John Blake


Having taught or presented in nearly 20 countries, John Blake is passionate about making in difference through education at all levels.

John has a background in hospitality and professional writing and in more recent years has taught in VET at TAFEs, Universities, conferences, schools, RTOs, prisons and in hotels.

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