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Your Way: Educator Avatars: What do learners think?

This 1 hour webinar is from our  suite of Your Way offerings.
It is ready to be presented to your staff, at a time that suit you! Need more information? Simply fill out our enquiry form below for a quote.

As one of the fastest-growing tech trends that many VET providers are embracing, what do we know about the effectiveness of these tools? Has anyone asked learners what they think?

Well, yes, someone has!

Our favourite online VET researcher, Dr Deniese Cox from, has investigated the types of avatars that are being increasingly used in our sector, and she’s been working with learners to understand what differences exist when content is presented by an avatar instead of an educator.

You don’t want to miss this essential webinar which shares practical insights that are critical for anyone using, or considering using, avatars to present learning content.

Key topics covered

  • See the 3 most commonly used forms of presenting avatars
  • Learn how students respond to different avatar forms
  • Identify best-practice in your own teaching context

Who should attend

  • Educators
  • Learning designers
  • Resourcing decision-makers

What to expect

  • PowerPoint
  • Recording of the webinar (three months access)
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance


Dr Deniese Cox, Founder


Deniese is known as the go-to source for exceptional online teaching strategies that really are effective. Every research-driven strategy presented by Deniese in her PD has been extensively trialled, refined, and proven to work in a variety of VET settings by diverse educators and learners. 

With extensive hands-on experience of her own in the online space, a Masters in online learning, and a PhD in online VET, Deniese is ideally placed to help all educators and teams cut through the noise around teaching online. 

Her ongoing research is what enables Deniese to continuously bring you the latest insights, and her commitment to developing practical strategies is what makes her PD really stand out. Deniese is consistently one of our highest rated presenters, so don’t miss this opportunity to spend an hour with her live online. 

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