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Focus Week: HTML, CSS and Bootstrap Hacks for eLearning

5 December 2018

This webinar is one of five available during Velg Training's dedicated Focus Week - eLearning.  Each of the 5 webinars that form the Focus Week are designed  to emphasise a different aspect of eLearning, to broaden knowledge about this emerging area of training.  Combined, they provide a combination of pedagogical and technical topics to assist.

About this webinar

HTML, CSS and Bootstrap Hacks for eLearning
Are you looking to improve the look and feel of your courses? Struggling with the way your LMS lays out items on your course page? Maybe there is something you can do with a little HTML, CSS or Bootstrap.   This extremely popular session from the 2018 National VET Conference is now being delivered via webinar.

Join Scott as he draws upon his experiences as a web teacher.  You will learn the basics of how HTML, CSS and Bootstrap define webpages. You’ll also learn a few simple hacks and tricks that you can use to enhance your online eLearning materials, such as how to recover when you’ve made of mess of tables, how to use the awesome Font Awesome, and change hyperlinks into buttons. No previous web coding skills necessary.

Key topics covered within webinar

  • The bare basics of HTML and CSS
  • What elements you can easily change on your LMS page
  • What is Bootstrap, and why is it so powerful
  • Where to find online resources

NB. Can't make the session?
We send out all electronic resources to registrants within 48 hours of the session closure. All Velg Training Webinars are scheduled in AEST (QLD time) - please check your timezone before logging onto the online training session.

Date & Time

5 December  2018
11:00am - 12:00pm (AEST: QLD)

Other timezones:
12:00pm - 1:00pm (AEDT: NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS)
11:30am - 12:30pm (ACDT: SA)
10:30am - 11:30am (ACST: NT)
9:00am - 10:00am (AWST: WA)

Who should attend

  • Trainer/Assessor
  • Consultant
  • Private Individual
  • Administrator

What to expect

Presented by Scott Huntley, you will be provided with the following resources after the event:

  • PowerPoint
  • Recording of the webinar (three months access)
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance


Scott Huntley


(Kenneth) Scott Huntley is an Instruction Designer for the Student Management Services Program Project at TAFE NSW. He has utilised Moodle in various projects over a number of years and Scott is interested in benefits of Open Source Hardware and Software can have for the educational community. He is passionate about finding imaginative and innovative ways to use technology in the classroom and benefits that they may have for students and teachers alike. 

 Scott has previously been an Invited Speaker to MoodleMoot Australia and MoodleMoot New Zealand and a Keynote Speaker for Mini iMoot 2016.

Opportunities to interact

  • Use a microphone to speak with trainer/attendees
  • Raise your 'virtual hand' to engage in discussion
  • Share your thoughts via online chat window
  • Answer online polls that provide instant group feedback

NB. If you would like to send chat questions to the presenter, Scott Huntley, before the session, please email

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