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NVC Master Class: Mastering the Five Phases of the Audit Process

11 September 2019
Brisbane Convention Centre,

2019NVC Master Class

This extremely popular webinar series is now available as a Master Class! It has been designed to unpack and workshop the Learner Centred Audit Model.

With the implementation of the Learner Centred Audit Model, RTOs need to adjust their preparation for audit day, to ensure compliance with the standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and the National Code 2018. 

Evidence that covers the learner’s journey with the RTO through ‘phases’ commencing with marketing and ending with Governance is critical.

Join Mark Long, a practising specialist as he helps you master the phases of the audit process:

  • In phase 1, the potential learner, through your marketing activities, gathers information on your products. With this information they select the course that best suits their skills and outcomes sought. It is in this process, phase 2, that your RTO plays an active role in assisting the individual to make the appropriate decision which culminates in their enrolment.
  • Phase 3 and 4 is how your RTO provides quality training and assessment and support services that ensure the learner is able to achieve their outcomes.
  • Phase 5 is how your RTO carries out certification and the systems that ensure your practices will provide quality products and services that achieve learner outcomes.

Key topics covered in the Master Class:

  • Marketing materials, Course confirmation & LLN diagnostic tools
  • Student Support 
  • Complaints and Appeals 
  • Training and assessment strategies & Industry engagement
  • Assessment tool requirements & Validation
  • Currency and professional development options
  • Certification/Issuance
  • Fit and proper persons 
  • Third party memorandum of understanding
  • Continuous improvement template 
  • Governance

Who should attend

  • Compliance Officers
  • CEO/Owner
  • Head Trainers
  • Trainers/Assessors

What to expect

  • Arrival tea and coffee, morning tea
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Additional electronic resources
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance


Mark Long


Mark Long is the Director of VETfair. He has a wealth of experience with the auditing requirements of RTO’s. Over the years, Mark has assisted many Colleges across a number of industry sectors meet compliance. In addition, he has been an external auditor for the Vocational Education and Accreditation Board(VETAB). In those years, Mark conducted initial and re-registration audits across all disciplines in the VET sector.

Mark is one of the few consultants in VET who is officially registered with an international body. As a certified auditor, Mark maintains a professional standard which is monitored by Exemplar Global. This assurance reinforces his reputation as a practicing specialist where his record to date is the achievement of total compliance.

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