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Webinar: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Support all Learners

Recorded on 23/09/2020 this webinar explored modifications of training resources using UDL principles allowing trainers to meet the diverse cross-section of a learning environment in developing training goals, methods, materials, and assessments.

Webinar: Informal Learning in the VET Sector

Recorded on 16/09/2020 this brand-new webinar unpacked the differences between industry and vocational competency, and explored strategies to maintain and demonstrate your currency.

Webinar: What Auditors are Looking for in Completed Student Files

Recorded on 21/08/2020 this webinar looked at a student file from the auditors lens. What are the must have documents to meet your regulatory obligations, what are the maybe documents and the nice to have documents in a student file.

Going Online: The Next Step (Webinar Bundle)

The Going Online bundle is made up of three content rich webinars, that have been designed to assist RTOs who are looking for strategies to enhance and leverage their online teaching and assessment practices and/or consider the incorporation of a return to face to face (in some instances) and a move to a blended model.

Going Online (Webinar Bundle)

The Going Online bundle is made up of four content rich webinars, designed specifically to assist those RTOs now looking for strategies to improve their online teaching and assessment offerings.

Focus Week: Administration (Webinar Bundle)

The Focus Week for Administration bundle is made up of five content rich webinars, delivered by our Administration Expert Angela McGregor and was designed to provide convenient, relevant and supportive professional development that will assist anyone who plays an administrative role (or manages administrative processes) within an RTO.

Focus Week: eLearning (Webinar Bundle)

The Focus Week for eLearning bundle is made up of five content rich webinars, designed to emphasise a different aspect of eLearning, to broaden knowledge about this emerging area of training. Combined, they provide a combination of pedagogical and technical topics to assist.

Webinar: Does your TAS Represent your Story?

Recorded on the 21/02/2018, this webinar explores the requirements of RTOs to implement comprehensive training and assessment strategies (TAS) as per clauses 1.1 - 1.4 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015

Webinar: Documenting the Volume of Learning in the Training and Assessment Strategy

Recorded on 5/07/2017, this webinar explores the consideration of the volume of learning indicators when developing your Training and Assessment Strategy.

Webinar: What do Foundation Skills Mean for the 'General' Trainer & Assessor

Recorded on 23/05/2018, this webinar explores the implications of foundation skills for ”general” trainers and assessors rather than LLN specialists.

Webinar: Trainer Currency & Vocational Capability

Recorded on the 26/08/20. This webinar unpacked the differences between industry and vocational competency, and explored strategies to maintain and demonstrate your currency.

Webinar: Trainer & Assessor Requirements: The glitter and the gold

Recorded on 24/10/2018 as part of National VET PD Week, this webinar clarified trainer and assessor requirements for professional development and currency

Webinar: Meeting your Updated Trainer/Assessor Requirements Against Clauses 1.13 - 1.24

Recorded on 18/07/2018, in this webinar John Dwyer unpacked the current trainer/assessor requirements.

Webinar: Strategies for Engaging Students with Disability

Recorded on 19/02/2020, this webinar explored the specific learning and support needs of students with autism, learning disabilities, anxiety and other mental health difficulties, and how trainers can adjust their teaching to be more inclusive of these different learning needs.

Webinar: Focus Week: Student information, Support and Complaints & Appeals

Recorded on 29/06/2018 and forming part of Velg Training's Focus Week on RTO Compliance, this webinar covered the obligations of an RTO with regards to student enrolment and support. It looked at what the Standards for RTOs 2015 say, how these impact on an RTO’s enrolment practices and clarify the meaning behind what an RTO’s actual obligations to its students are.

ASQA's Audit Approach

Recorded on 17/03/2017, this webinar provides information about the key features of the ASQA audit model including the process used and the way in which RTOs are required to respond to the findings of these audits.

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