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ASQA's Strategic Review of Online Learning

Insights paper No. 1 - This paper is the first in a series that will be periodically published throughout the strategic review. The series is designed to build on the success of the innovative 'feedback loop' approach of collaboratively sharing learnings and building understanding.

Webinar: Engaging Online Learning Tools for Training

Recorded on 07/12/2018 and forming part of Velg Training's Focus Week on eLearning, this webinar explored how online tools can help to increase engagement with learners. As trainers, where do we begin? How do we incorporate the use of technology in our training across a range of delivery methods?

Webinar:Validating Your Online Assessment Tools and Processes

Recorded on the 3/02/2021 this webinar has been designed to assist in validation of your online assessment tools and processes. Having moved assessments from the classroom to online, we now need to consider a range of factors beyond just the tool. This webinar posed a series of considerations to ensure you have studied the impact online assessment will have on your students and assessors.

Understanding the VET Sector

The Vocational Education and Training Sector is large and complex, made up of many stakeholders, frameworks and registers. TAC has released a clip which unpacks the sector to help you understand it a little better.

ASQA: Validation and Moderation Explained

Validation and moderation have both been used in VET to promote and enhance quality practices in assessment. Watch this short video to help understand the differences between these important processes.

ASQA: The Benefits of Validation

Did you know there are four ways effective assessment validation could help your provider? Watch this short video which outlines the four in greater detail and explains what they might mean for you and your students.

ASQA: Simplify Your Validation

Now you know the requirements your chosen sampling approach must meet, how do you select your sample size? Watch this video for a quick demonstration of how to use ASQA’s validation calculator, which helps you determine the required sample size.

ASQA: Assembling Your Validation Team

Putting together a validation team might seem a daunting task, but it may be simpler than you think. Watch this short video which explains the requirements that any validation team must meet and the current skills and knowledge required.

ASQA: Understanding the TAE product validation process

Any assessment validation of training and education (TAE) products needs to be conducted independently. How do you assemble an independent team, and what are the requirements? Watch this short video to find out more.

TAC Fact Sheet: Issuing Testamurs and Statements of Attainment

This is the Fact Sheet issued by the Training Accreditation Council who are responsible for registering and regulating RTOs in Western Australia on Issuing Testamurs and Statements of Attainment.

TAC Fact Sheet: Trainer and Assessor Regulatory Requirements

This is the Fact Sheet issued by the Training Accreditation Council who are responsible for registering and regulating RTOs in Western Australia, on Trainer and Assessor Regulatory Requirements

Digital Learning Video Planning Kit (Zip Folder)

Want to create your digital learning videos but not sure where to start? This Video Storyboard template and accompanying Video Script template provide you with the perfect starting point for your planning.

Webinar: Let’s Talk About Effective Industry Engagement

Recorded on 16/06/2021 this 90-minute, “Let’s Talk About” session will review the current compliance requirements and provide a range of industry engagement strategies for different RTO settings and industries.

Webinar: How to design, develop and implement LLN assessments

Recorded on 23 /06/2021. This webinar explored the steps involved in creating new LLN assessments (both generic and contextualised) and using them as an important tool!

2017 Virtual VET Summit Recording: Mapping for Quality Assurance

Recorded on 15/03/2017 this session explored the reasons behind mapping as a quality assurance process, and unpacked specific examples to highlight how valuable mapping can be.

Webinar: Grappling With the Outbreak of COVID-19? What to Consider When Pivoting Your RTO in this Time of Crisis

Recorded on the 20/03/20. This webinar was designed to share much sought after information with those in RTOs who may be facing potential change in the way they deliver their courses, apply compliance and implement working from home arrangements with staff.

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