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Preparing Your RTO for the AI Revolution!

The astounding debut of ChatGPT made headlines across the education sector, sparking heated debates about academic integrity and the role of AI in learning.

Yet this powerful technology is here to stay, rapidly evolving alongside societal adoption.

In this 4-part, 60-minute webinar series, we cut through the hype to provide Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) with an essential guide on generative AI - moving beyond the plagiarism panic into understanding implications and opportunities.

From March to May 2024 you can select individual sessions to suit your needs, or bundle all four to save.

By series end, participants will have a grounded understanding of generative technology trajectories and actionable plans to implement AI assistants. Join us as we make sense of the machine minds now in our midst, uncovering paths for RTOs to harness creative computation for organisational success.

The horse has bolted; now is the time to saddle up and ride!

Click on the session titles below for more information

Webinar 1 - Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence

Webinar 2 - Utilising AI to Transform RTO Operations


This session will introduce the fundamentals of generative artificial intelligence in the context of the broader science of AI.


This session explores practical applications of AI that can optimise workflows and experiences across key facets of managing an RTO business.

Webinar 3 - AI for Trainers & Assessors

Webinar 4 - Cool AI Tools to Empower Educators


This session explores emerging best practices for leveraging AI to enrich course preparation, personalise learning resources, and elevate the teaching experience.

FRIDAY MAY 3, 2024

This session spotlights a set of AI platforms (including Chat Bots). Examples explored will show HOW these tools can be used in RTOs to benefit both the student and educator.

Pick and choose sessions that suit OR Bundle all four to save 15%!

SINGLE SESSIONS:  Members: $55.00 (inc GST) per session   |   Non-Members: $85.00 (inc GST) per session

BUNDLE 4 SESSIONS:  Members: $220 $187.00 (inc GST)    |   Non-Members: $340 $289.00 (inc GST) per session

Kerri Buttery
VET Nexus

About our presenter

Kerri has worked in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector for two decades as a Trainer/Assessor, RTO Manager and also as a Senior Lead Auditor.

Kerri has worked as a consultant for a range of organisations in the areas of establishing Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), conducting internal audits, consulting on VQF compliance, developing accredited courses, convening conferences and events, developing training and assessment materials, conducting professional development workshops and delivering Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

She also specialises in eLearning consulting, with a particular focus on the Canvas LMS by Instructure.

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