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Webinar Recording: Trainer & Assessor Requirements: The glitter and the gold

Recorded on 24/10/2018 as part of National VET PD Week, this webinar clarified trainer and assessor requirements for professional development and currency

ILO: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Learning Package (2018)

This learning package draws from this experience. It describes the key building blocks of a well-functioning and inclusive RPL system, and offers a wealth of case studies and examples of how different countries have approached this endeavour.

Webinar Recording: Designing a Robust and User- Friendly RPL Process

Recorded on 20/03/2020 and forming part of Velg Training's Focus Week on Design, our resident RPL Expert looked at a number of concepts that should drive the design and implementation of an effective and efficient, user-friendly RPL process.

Australia: An overview of 20 years of research into RPL 2011

A publication that explores 20 years of research into RPL

Webinar Recording: RPL: What IS the Professional Conversation?

Recorded on 23/10/2019 as part of National VET PD Week, a Professional Conversation, when used appropriately in RPL, has the opportunity to gather ‘direct evidence’. It enables the candidate to identify how they have ‘applied’ their knowledge in a practical situation. So how do we accurately conduct and record the Professional Conversation? Find out in this webinar.

Sample: International Security Training Academy (ISTA) – Overview of RPL for Students

An example of information that could be provided to students providing an overview of RPL

TAS and Assessment Tools Assessor Validation example template

An example template for recording of the validation of the TAS by assessors

Velg Training Trainer/Assessor Vocational Competence Equivalence Suite

This product contains vocational competency resources to assist RTOs trainers/assessors in meeting their requirements in demonstrating vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed.

TAC: Webinar - Understanding RTO Responsibilities in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Training Accreditation Council (TAC) webinar deals with common misunderstandings and confusions about RPL and related concepts, examines the requirements of the Standards, then presents an approach to RPL that supports the needs of the individual, industry, the RTO, the Training Package and the Standards.

Consultation with Trainer and Assessor Staff Policy and Procedure example template

An example template for a Policy and Procedure about consultation with Trainer and Assessor Staff as part of continuous improvement

Reframing the Future – RPL Well Done in VET 2006

DEST publication - Resources generated for the Reframing the Future national forums conducted in 2006

Webinar Recording: The What, Why and How of Trainer and Assessor Files

Recorded on 20/06/2019 and forming part of Velg Training's Focus Week on Administration, this webinar provided guidance about the minimum requirements for trainer and assessor files, how often they need updating and what needs to be kept to ensure your RTO has evidence of trainer and assessor competency and currency.

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