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Working Under Supervision

When a Registered Training Organisation employs someone who is not a trainer and assessor to deliver and assess training, specific working arrangements, qualifications and other compliance requirements must be considered and applied. This is part of ‘Working Under Supervision’.

Delivery Basics

‘Delivery Basics’ gives some short, sharp explanations relating to training, assessment, and associated components – including some of the stipulations of the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Assessment Systems

Strategies, practices, policies and procedures combine to make up an RTO’s assessment system.

Registration and Addition to Scope

Training providers must meet requirements specific to the relevant regulators in order to become registered to deliver VET in Australia.

Student Enrolment

Certain information is required from students when they enrol and are formally admitted to a course of study.

Human Resources

Employees are an organisation’s biggest asset. Ways to responsibly and effectively manage human resources are critical for any business – including RTOs.


Assessment validation is a quality review process that should always be conducted against assessment tools prior to, during and after use.

Assessment Tools

An ‘assessment tool’ is defined as both “the instrument(s) and procedures used to gather and interpret evidence of competence”.

Records Management

Records management is an important activity in an RTO as it ensures that records are created, stored securely and preserved for as long as they are needed.

VET Acronyms

The VET sector makes use of myriad acronyms to refer to specific terms and components of the system; find them here.

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