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The skills-based organization: A new operating model for work and the workforce (2022)

The most fundamental building block of work—the job—could be hampering many organizations. Instead, many are now applying skills-based models to meet the demand for agility, agency, and equity.

Australian Government: VSL Program Improvement Provider consultation November 2022

VET Student Loans Improvement provider consultation – November 2022. Submissions to the VSL Improvement Consultation Paper are encouraged by 18 November 2022.

TEQSA: Academic integrity toolkit (2022)

TEQSA commissioned a group of scholars to share research, develop and deliver a suite of workshops and create a toolkit to assist integrity practitioners in promoting academic integrity and addressing commercial academic cheating within their institutions.

ASQA: ASQA Annual Report 2022-23 (2023)

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has tabled its Annual Report 2022–23 in the Australian Parliament.

Australian Government: VSL Redesign Consultation Paper (2022)

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment is making a series of improvements to streamline the VSL program and optimise the user experience. These changes will make it easier for students to access a loan, and for providers to become an approved VSL provider and meet their ongoing obligations under the program.

Training Package Products Policy (TPPP) (2022)

The Training Package Products Policy is one of three documents that form the Training Package Organising Framework to support the development of industry training packages.

Australian Government: Strengthening Skills: Expert Review of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training System (2019)

On 28 November 2018, the Prime Minister announced an independent review of Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector to examine ways to deliver skilled workers for a stronger economy. The review was led by the Honourable Steven Joyce, a former New Zealand Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment. Mr Joyce delivered the final report to the Government in March 2019.

Ombudsman Western Australia: Effective handling of complaints made to your organisation - An Overview (2020)

These guidelines detail the key features of an effective complaint handling system and how complaints made to organisations can be dealt with effectively.

ASQA - Online learning in the VET sector

ASQA is undertaking a strategic review of online learning in the VET sector.

IEAA: ESOS and PRISMS changes: Opportunity to turn consultation into action (2022)

The interpretation and application of ESOS legislation in its current state and the use of PRISMS is an area worthy of further discussion.

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