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Webinar: Qualifications Reform - Public Webinar presentation (2023)

Providing more information about proposed reforms to VET Qualifications.

VET Workforce Blueprint Scope (2023)

The scope of the VET Workforce Blueprint.

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement: Guidebook and Toolkit (2019)

This guidebook and toolkit shares one of EDC’s approaches to continuous improvement. It provides case studies, templates, exercises, and tips to empower practitioners and leaders to improve conditions in complex education systems.

ACER: Education Expenditure in Australia (2019)

This report offers a detailed insight into investment in Australian education, capturing data from all levels – from early childhood to higher education – and all funding sources – the federal government, state governments, private contributions and the transfers that take place between these.

Training Providers and Schools

Government of WA website link to information about Training Providers and Schools

ACE Grants Program funded projects

ACT Government website link to information about ACE Grants Program and funding

Funding/Subsidies for training

Skills Tasmania website link to information about funding and subsidies for training

Apprenticeships and Traineeships (WA)

Government of WA website link to information about Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Training Apprentices and Trainees information

Government of SA website link to information for Training Providers about training Apprentices and Trainees

Industry Engagement Template Suite

A suite of three essential tools to support your industry engagement practices.

ASQA - Distance Learning

Information for VET providers on how to stay compliant when adopting distance learning options.

SA Skills Commission: VET for school students

SA Government website link to information about VET for school students

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