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Velg Training Trainer and Assessor Profile templates

These staff profiles provide a method of capturing information to demonstrate how trainers/assessors meet the requirements of SRTO 1.13 - 1.16 and SRTO 1.21-1.25. There are two products, one for staff delivering vocational qualifications and a second for those delivering TAE products.

Australian Government: Language literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment tool information

As a requirement of the student entry procedure, students may have to undertake a Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment. There are approved LLN assessment tools and advice for providers seeking approval of a verified and evaluated LLN assessment tool for specific provider use.

Australian Government Unique Student Identifier

Australian Government website for the USI

Velg Training Validation Resources

This product contains templates to assist with undertaking effective and systematic validation of nationally recognised training and assessment

NQC: Quality of Assessment Practices - Stage 2 2009

National Quality Council (NQC) publication on the quality of assessment practices (Stage 2, 2009)

NQC: Industry Expectations of VET Assessment – Report Data 2008

National Quality Council (NQC) publication – the report data from 2008 about industry expectations of VET assessment

NQC: Design Model for Streamlined Training Packages 2010

National Quality Council (NQC) publication from 2010 regarding the design model for streamlined training packages

ASQA's 2019-2020 Corporate Plan

ASQA’s Corporate Plan contains their planned activities and key strategies for the year ahead.

AiGroup: Reimagining Vocational Qualifications (2020)

This report questions whether the previous assumptions underpinning vocational qualifications for Australia are still valid.

BCA: Future-proof: Australia’s future post-secondary education and skills system (2018)

After extensive consultations the Business Council’s Future-proof paper proposes a system with five core components.

Podcasts: What now? What next? Insights into Australia's tertiary education sector (site link)

Claire Field talks with leaders and experts from within the Australian tertiary education sector, including VET and across the global ed-tech sector

ASQA: Pathways and Perspectives (site link)

ASQA Pathways and Perspectives shares data, insights and important stories about the vocational education and training (VET) sector with the community.

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