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Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority (VRQA)

The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) is the body responsible for regulating RTOs in Victoria.

Quality Indicators

All RTOs need to report annually on their performance against Quality Indicators.

Trainer and Assessor Competence and Currency

Delivery of quality vocational training relies on having properly qualified educators with relevant experience. Specific requirements for trainers and assessors are mandated by the Standards.

Working Under Supervision

When a Registered Training Organisation employs someone who is not a trainer and assessor to deliver and assess training, specific working arrangements, qualifications and other compliance requirements must be considered and applied. This is part of ‘Working Under Supervision’.

Data Management

Data Management includes an RTO's obligation to submit information including AVETMISS data and Quality Indicator data.

Skill Sets and Microcredentials

Skill Sets are a single Unit of Competency or combinations of Units of Competency from an endorsed Training Package, which link to a licensing or regulatory requirement, or a defined industry need or job role. Micro-credentials are small, certification-style courses that focus on a particular area of study to hone proficiency over the shortest possible time.


Assessment needs to adequately cover all aspects of a unit of competency and its associated assessment requirements. Mapping is the process of checking and recording all necessary information is addressed.

Other Schools

This page specifically applies to schools outside of Queensland who offer VET within their curriculum.

Training and Accreditation Council (TAC)

The Training Accreditation Council (TAC) is the body responsible for regulating RTOs in Western Australia.

VET Quality Framework (VQF)

The VET Quality Framework (VQF) comprises five main elements; four legislative instruments and one framework. To obtain and retain registration, RTOs must comply with each of the VQF’s five elements and their associated components.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Collectively known as ‘Australian Apprenticeships’, both apprenticeships and traineeships offer the opportunity and benefit of being trained and working towards a nationally recognised qualification, whilst working in industry and earning a wage.

Accredited Courses

Accredited courses supplement the national training package framework by delivering unique training outcomes in industry required skills that are not covered by relevant Training Packages or endorsed Units of Competency.

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