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ASQA Webinar: Advice to the sector on next steps in self-assurance

Broadcast 10 December 2020 and available via YouTube.

CRADLEdeakin: ChatGPT Webinar #1 - what do we need to know now? (2023)

This webinar explores the ethical, policy and management issues immediately raised by the presence of generative AI, along with a perspective from an educator who is currently redesigning their course in response to ChatGPT.

Service Skills Australia: 4 Steps to Taking the Lead 2014

A PD publication to help VET practitioners identify and support LLN skills development

Australian Government: Modernising the collection of international education data - Concept Brief (2022)

The Department has released a concept paper, the PRISMS modernisation project 2022 concept brief, to inform international education providers and their service agencies about this project and provide details on opportunities to engage in the project consultations and implementation.

Productivity Commission: Shifting the Dial: 5 year productivity review; Chapter 3: Future skills and work (2017)

This is the first document of its kind for the Productivity Commission — a look out across the landscape of factors and influences that may affect Australia's economic performance over the medium term, in order to offer advice on where our priorities should lie if we are to enhance national welfare.

Fragmentation & Photo-Ops The Failures of Australian Skills Policy Through COVID (2022)

Report argues that Australia’s VET system once provided well-established and dependable education-to-jobs pathways, but a combination of policy vandalism and fiscal mismanagement plunged the VET system into a lasting and multidimensional crisis.

No More Excuses – Industry Response to the LLN Challenge

Industry Skills Council (ISC) publication about the LLN challenges in Vocational Education and Training

TAC: Video - Understanding the VET Sector

The Vocational Education and Training Sector is large and complex, made up of many stakeholders, frameworks and registers. TAC has released a clip which unpacks the sector to help you understand it a little better.

ASQA: ASQA Annual Report 2021-22 (2022)

Chief Executive Officer, Ms Saxon Rice, said ASQA’s focus in 2021-22 was broadly in five key areas - supporting the shift in regulatory approach toward provider self-assurance and excellence in training outcomes; enhancing an educative approach and engagement with the sector; maturing the approach to identify regulatory risk and applying a mix of education, compliance and enforcement tools and approaches to prevent and manage risk, and building workforce capability and culture.

Taylor & Francis Online: Designing assessment for inclusion: an exploration of diverse students’ assessment experiences (2022)

A students-as-partners approach was taken to explore diverse students’ experiences of assessment, and their suggestions to make assessment more inclusive. A team of six staff and five student partners undertook a co-research project, facilitating workshops with 52 students from diverse backgrounds to understand their assessment experiences.

Webinars - Education & Research in the COVID-19 Era – an Australia-Malaysia dialogue (2021)

This series offers the opportunity for our higher education and TVET colleagues in Australia and Malaysia to discuss and share best practice approaches to delivering quality online higher education and TVET, quality assessment policies for online study programs, support for research during the COVID-19 health crisis and to discuss sustainable, innovative approaches to quality online education for a future beyond the current pandemic settings. See video access below.

TEQSA: Guide for CRICOS providers undertaking an independent external audit (2022)

This guide sets out TEQSA’s expectations for the independent external audit (external audit) process for providers with self-accrediting authority (SAA) applying to renew their CRICOS registration.

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