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Volume of Learning and Amount of Training

Specific information around the concepts of Volume of Learning and Amount of Training

Human Resources

Employees are an organisation’s biggest asset. Ways to responsibly and effectively manage human resources are critical for any business – including RTOs.

Industry Engagement

A process used to ensure that assessment reflects current industry practise, Industry Engagement can offer multiple benefits for the RTO as well as the wider VET sector.

Learner Support

RTOs need to identify any particular requirements a student may have, and then, where needs are identified, formulate strategies to make support available to the student.

Credit Transfer and Articulation Arrangements

Credit transfer is the process of awarding a student credit for learning outcomes they already have achieved.


eLearning is the delivery of online learning and assessment and, whilst this method of learning has been around for some time, it has, in recent times, become a more essential blended learning component. For information and guidance on how to navigate the online training terrain and apply eLearning strategies across your own programs, you are here provided with a range of webinar topics and links which will guide you, enhance your understanding and dispel any fears you may have when transferring your skills from one platform to another.

Access and Equity

‘Access and Equity’ is a principle designed to encourage all learners and ensure they are given equal opportunities to training and its outcomes.

Student Enrolment

Certain information is required from students when they enrol and are formally admitted to a course of study.


Checklists can be designed for almost any purpose and are effective tools for recording assessment judgements.

State-based Funding

Funding is available from State and Territory governments to approved RTOs for delivery of VET.

Research Organisations

There are key organisations that research activity within, and about, education and VET in Australia.


The Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) outlines the format required for the submission of descriptive data about students and their study activities.

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