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Artificial Intelligence

Valuable information, tools, and supportive links to navigate the evolving landscape of AI in education.

Student Enrolment

Certain information is required from students when they enrol and are formally admitted to a course of study.


Checklists can be designed for almost any purpose and are effective tools for recording assessment judgements.

State-based Funding

Funding is available from State and Territory governments to approved RTOs for delivery of VET.

Research Organisations

There are key organisations that research activity within, and about, education and VET in Australia.

Student Files

RTOs must collect and keep information on their students’ learning activities. Considerations include the creation, maintenance, storage and access requirements associated with those files.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Students undertaking nationally recognised training must have a USI in order to receive their qualification or Statement of Attainment, and RTOs must meet the requirements of the USI scheme.

Sales and Marketing

RTOs must balance their sales and growth needs with specific requirements and allowable practices related to the marketing of their training products and services.

Continuous Improvement

RTOs should have a system for how they will pinpoint and action opportunities for continuous improvement of their operations.

VET Acronyms

The VET sector makes use of myriad acronyms to refer to specific terms and components of the system; find them here.

Complaints and Appeals

All RTOs should have a policy and procedures in place for how they will deal with complaints and/or appeals of results.

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

The AQF applies in all states and territories and describes the standards for regulated Australian qualifications delivered through schools, higher education institutions and RTOs.

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