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National Programs and Events

There are national level awards and events especially designed to promote VET as an education and skills pathway, and to celebrate effort and achievement within VET.

Third Party and Partnership Arrangements

RTOs are responsible for all services delivered on their behalf, therefore should have written third-party or partnership agreements in place to monitor all parties’ compliance with the Standards.

Queensland Schools

This page specifically applies to schools in Queensland who are school RTOs in their own right or to those RTOs who deliver VET in Queensland Schools.

Government Organisations

Aside from regulators, researchers and approval and/or governing bodies, there are government organisations with responsibility to implement and uphold the quality delivery of vocational training.

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of outstanding achievement and performance in the VET sector, there are a number of competitions and awards that celebrate excellence in VET.


Standard Seven of the Standards for RTOs 2015 mandates that RTOs should have “effective governance and administration arrangements in place”.

Foundation Skills

Foundation Skills are a combination of communication and employability skills. Trainers may need specialist support services to assist students to develop Foundation Skills.

Other Schools

This page specifically applies to schools outside of Queensland who offer VET within their curriculum.

Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA)

Responsible for providing advice to the Australian Government to underpin Australia’s response to current, emerging and future labour market and workforce skills and training needs.


VET regulators are independent bodies working to uphold the quality of VET delivered in Australia. They perform a number of functions including the registration of RTOs and subsequent monitoring of their operations for compliance with relevant standards.

Framework for Foundation Skills

Foundation skills refer to the core capabilities required for effective workplace and community participation, and include language, literacy, numeracy (LLN) and employability skills.

Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs)

Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) have four broad functions and responsibilities, including: workforce planning; training product development; implementation, promotion and monitoring; and industry stewardship.

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