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Productivity Commission: Shifting the Dial: 5 year productivity review; Chapter 3: Future skills and work (2017)

This is the first document of its kind for the Productivity Commission — a look out across the landscape of factors and influences that may affect Australia's economic performance over the medium term, in order to offer advice on where our priorities should lie if we are to enhance national welfare.

Service Skills Australia: 4 Steps to Taking the Lead 2014

A PD publication to help VET practitioners identify and support LLN skills development

Webinars - Education & Research in the COVID-19 Era – an Australia-Malaysia dialogue (2021)

This series offers the opportunity for our higher education and TVET colleagues in Australia and Malaysia to discuss and share best practice approaches to delivering quality online higher education and TVET, quality assessment policies for online study programs, support for research during the COVID-19 health crisis and to discuss sustainable, innovative approaches to quality online education for a future beyond the current pandemic settings. See video access below.

No More Excuses – Industry Response to the LLN Challenge

Industry Skills Council (ISC) publication about the LLN challenges in Vocational Education and Training

TAC: Video - Understanding the VET Sector

The Vocational Education and Training Sector is large and complex, made up of many stakeholders, frameworks and registers. TAC has released a clip which unpacks the sector to help you understand it a little better.

Taylor & Francis Online: Designing assessment for inclusion: an exploration of diverse students’ assessment experiences (2022)

A students-as-partners approach was taken to explore diverse students’ experiences of assessment, and their suggestions to make assessment more inclusive. A team of six staff and five student partners undertook a co-research project, facilitating workshops with 52 students from diverse backgrounds to understand their assessment experiences.

Webinar: National Careers Week - Skills on the Move (2023)

This webinar will discuss the transferability of skills, the importance of upskilling and reskilling, and how your skills can help you change your career pathway. The discussion will focus on first-hand accounts of panel members’ experiences.

Two scenarios using the CSfW in an Employment Services setting 2013

Australian Government publication that contains two scenarios demonstrating how the CSfW might be used

CEDEFOP: Built to last: apprenticeship vision, purpose, and resilience in times of crisis (2022)

This publication comprises papers drafted by Cedefop’s community of apprenticeship experts on apprenticeship resilience, and apprenticeship vision and purpose. To complement the country-specific angle, Cedefop developed a comparative, cross-scheme and cross-country analysis and shared its reflections.

Australian Government: New industry engagement architecture (2022)

Link to the Skills Reform - New industry engagement architecture

NCVER: Podcast - VET in Schools and the shadow of ATAR (2022)

Vocational Voices S7, episode 1 - Professor Peter Shergold AC, who chaired a major review for Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers of Education on senior secondary school pathways (Looking to the Future), and Simon Walker, Managing Director, NCVER talk to Steve Davis about whether people are overestimating the impact of ATAR on a student’s future career prospects, and the proliferation of pathways that can be followed to find a future career.

The Clean Energy Generation

The Australian Government commissioned Jobs and Skills Australia to undertake a capacity study on the workforce needs for Australia’s transition to a clean energy economy. This study provides critical evidence and insights to support the workforce planning, policy development and program design needed to build a strong and vibrant clean energy sector. The study’s terms of reference and discussion paper are also available on the Jobs and Skills Australia website.

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