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ASQA: Video - The Benefits of Validation

Did you know there are four ways effective assessment validation could help your provider? Watch this short video which outlines the four in greater detail and explains what they might mean for you and your students.

SpringerOpen: Mature Australian VET markets: a data-driven case study of public policy implementation (2022)

This research makes novel use of large nationally consistent regulatory and enrolment data sets to provide evidence of successful public policy implementation that is approaching the end of the market life cycle. It is argued that policy success is not permanent and should be revisited in light of contemporary economic alternatives to guide future VET policy making.

Webinar Recording: A Guide to Marking Guides!

Recorded on the 14/10/2020, this 90-minute, highly interactive session, streams our VET Expert (John Dwyer) directly to you! Unpack the most critical components of marking guides and their importance as part of an assessment tool in this session.

TAFETalks: Webinar - The future of international education in Australia: what opportunities for TAFEs? (2022)

Webinar - Australian Government representatives and leading TAFE experts speak about opportunities in the international space based on the Australian Strategy for International Education 2021-2030 .

NCVER: VET for secondary school students: a research synthesis (2022)

This paper focuses on reasons for choosing and participating in VET programs delivered in schools; models of delivery; quality of delivery; and outcomes, both short and medium-term, from these programs. Current knowledge gaps are identified with areas for further research suggested.

ADCET: Resources to support mental health

ADCET hosts a range of resources that can support your mental health and wellbeing, enabling you to better cope with the stresses of life or support students who may be encountering instances of mental ill health. These resources come in a variety of formats so that you can engage with them whenever and however suits you best.

Australian Government: Inquiry into national security risks affecting the Australian higher education and research sector (2022)

This inquiry was broad in its scope as it discussed all national security risks present in the higher education and research sector.

ASQA: Request to extend course accreditation

ASQA website link to the form for request to extend the accreditation of a course

ASQA Fact Sheet: Using other parties to collect assessment evidence

This factsheet includes a definition of evidence, examples of forms of evidence, when and why might an assessor use other parties to collect evidence, what to consider when using evidence collected by other parties, and details of two case-studies.

ASQA: Application to cancel course accreditation

ASQA website link to the Form to cancel course Accreditation

State of Victoria: Review into vocational and applied learning pathways in senior secondary schooling (2020)

Final report of the Firth Review of vocational education delivered in secondary schools to ensure students have access to high quality and relevant education.

Recognition of Prior Learning - An information source for RTO staff (est. 2006)

A Training Package Support Materials publication that can be used as an information source for staff on RPL

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