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Shaping the future of learning: the role of AI in Education 4.0 (2024)

Developed by a global coalition of education experts, practitioners, policy-makers and business leaders, Education 4.0 is a comprehensive framework that outlines key transformations needed in childhood education to address the needs of the future and promote better education outcomes.

Quick Guide Template to Assessment Mapping

A template matrix that can be used as a quick guide to the tools and methods being used to conduct assessment

Government of SA: A Review of VET for School Students Consultation outcomes report (2019)

On 13 June 2019 the Minister for Education released Vocational Pathways to Employment: A review of VET for School Students, an issues paper highlighting the challenges facing vocational education and training (VET) and how it is delivered to South Australian secondary school students. The launch of the issues paper opened a six-week community consultation period.

CEDA: Employment White Paper Submission (2022)

CEDA’s submission to the Employment White Paper focuses on policy reforms to deliver a more dynamic labour market – breaking down barriers to workers moving across jobs and to more people participating fully in work.

Australian Government: Draft RTO Standards Consultation Paper (2022)

The consultation paper outlines the approach to revising the Standards for RTOs and provides an overview of the key changes.

VelgCast: Introduction to competency-based assessment

An overview of introductory information relating to competency-based assessment

Making the most of the AI opportunity (2024)

In this set of three papers, the Productivity Commission places Australia’s AI opportunity in a global context, to consider how our governments can help to maximise the potential economic benefits of this evolving technology.

Training Package Products Development and Endorsement Process Policy (TPPDEPP) (2022)

The Training Package Products Development and Endorsement Process Policy is one of three documents that form the Training Package Organising Framework to support the development of industry training packages.

IBSA: Checklist for Assessment Tool Design, Development, Review and Trial

Innovation Business Skills Australia (IBSA) checklist that can be used when designing, developing and reviewing assessment tools

Training Package Assurance – Approach to Assurance (2023)

The Approach to Assurance provides guidance and information about how we assess training package product submissions prepared by Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs).

DET NSW: Assessor Guide to RPL (2008)

DET NSW publication from 2008 - an assessor's guide to RPL

Stepping Stones to Quality RPL 2011

A useful, PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation delivered by John Dwyer at the TAFE RPL Summit 2011

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