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VelgCast: ACSF Suite - 1 What is the ACSF?

First VelgCast in a series of 12 related to the ACSF

ASQA: Corporate Plan 2022 - 23 (2022)

The Corporate Plan sets out the ASQA program of work for the forward years, which is founded on strategic objectives and will support ASQA in achieving its purpose of ensuring quality vocational education and training (VET).

National Foundation Skills Framework 2022 to 2032 (2022)

The National Foundation Skills Framework (the Framework) sets out a 10 year model for collective action by governments working with stakeholders to improve the foundation skills of Australian adults.

ADCET Webinar: Reasonable Adjustment - What is reasonable?

This session worked through the successful Reasonable Adjustment training delivered to educators at TAFE Queensland.

National Careers Institute: This is what we heard

To ensure the NCI is able to most effectively support the VET system, the Australian Government undertook an extensive co-design consultation process with stakeholders across Australia. Click the link below to access the report titled 'This is what we heard' which summarises the outcomes of this process.

VelgCast: Introduction to the ACSF

An introductory overview of the Australian Core Skills Framework

ITECA State of the Sector Report (2022)

Comprehensive consolidated statistical assessment of the nation's tertiary education section, the 2022 ITECA State Of The Sector Report.

The return to education - an occupational perspective (2023)

Analyses the increase in credentials in the labour market between 2011 and 2021.

ITECA: Review of Australia's Higher Education System (2022)

The path towards a more integrated tertiary education system has been set out in advice from members of the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) to the Australian Government’s review of higher education.

TAC: TAC Talk - Ep 6 Who is TAC and What is its Role?

Join both the Chairperson of the Council, Anne Driscoll and A/Director Training Regulation, Lisa Barron for this podcast that discusses the role of the Council and its guiding principles, why WA has a State based VET Regulator and insights into TAC's regulatory functions and current strategy.

CEDA: Artificial Intelligence: Principles to Practice (2022)

The findings presented in this report are based on a series of facilitated workshop discussions with key stakeholders and CEDA members.

ACER: Fitting the AQF for the future: Revising the AQF architecture and taxonomy (2022)

ACER has been contracted by the Australian Government Department of Education to explore potential revisions to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) based on recommendations of the AQF Review, which was conducted in 2019. The slides attached form the ‘consultation pack’ that have guided the discussions in relation to this project.

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