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Core Skills For Work Developmental Framework - Facilitating Individual Development 2013

Australian Government publication providing an example of how the CSfW can be used as a theoretical underpinning from which resources and tools can be developed

NCVER: Podcast - Reimagining the tertiary education system (2023)

Vocational Voices S8, Episode 2 - This episode explores potential reforms to universities, their missions, and structures, while considering the role of VET. One perspective suggests establishing two types of universities: one focused on practical, hands-on learning for professional skills, and the other dedicated to research and comprehensive education.

Australia: An overview of 20 years of research into RPL 2011

A publication that explores 20 years of research into RPL

Australian Government: Webinars - Workforce of the Future Event Series (2021)

What does Australia's workforce of the future look like? The Workforce of the Future event series brings together business leaders and experts working with the Skills Organisation Pilots to discuss the future of Australia's workforce.

AHRC: Human rights education in the vocational education sector

Australian Human Rights Commission website link to information about human rights education in the vocational education sector

TAC: TAC Talk - Ep15 - Complaints and what to do about them

This short 4 minute episode provides information around Standard 6 of the Standards for RTOs on complaints and how they can provide an understanding of an RTOs clients’ expectations and experiences.

Velg Training Trainer and Assessor Requirements at a Glance

An overview at a glance of the required trainer and assessor credentials (updated December 2023).

Population change and internal migration during the COVID-19 pandemic (2024)

This report investigates regional population change and internal migration flows during the peak period of the pandemic (2020-21), contrasting with a five-year period representing the medium term, and the population change for 2021-22.

Webinar Recording: The Impact of Non-Compliant Practice

Recorded on 17/04/2019, this webinar explored what the impacts of non-compliance are to your RTO’s business operations, staff and most importantly, your students.

Future work, future jobs - Preparing Queensland for the evolution of work (2023)

Jobs Queensland is exploring what future work could look like in 2030 for Queenslanders and our economy.

A guide to applying for your trademark 2014

IP Australia publication providing guidance on applying for a trademark

Compliance to Creativity (C2C) Confident RPL Assessors Part C 2008

DET QLD publication - Part C of Confident RPL Assessors

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