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Population change and internal migration during the COVID-19 pandemic (2024)

This report investigates regional population change and internal migration flows during the peak period of the pandemic (2020-21), contrasting with a five-year period representing the medium term, and the population change for 2021-22.

TAC: TAC Talk - Ep15 - Complaints and what to do about them

This short 4 minute episode provides information around Standard 6 of the Standards for RTOs on complaints and how they can provide an understanding of an RTOs clients’ expectations and experiences.

Australia: An overview of 20 years of research into RPL 2011

A publication that explores 20 years of research into RPL

Webinar Recording: The Impact of Non-Compliant Practice

Recorded on 17/04/2019, this webinar explored what the impacts of non-compliance are to your RTO’s business operations, staff and most importantly, your students.

Future work, future jobs - Preparing Queensland for the evolution of work (2023)

Jobs Queensland is exploring what future work could look like in 2030 for Queenslanders and our economy.

A guide to applying for your trademark 2014

IP Australia publication providing guidance on applying for a trademark

Webinar Recording: Proactively Managing Student Behaviour using the TERA Model

Recorded on 10/03/2021 this brand new webinar provided valuable insights into how to use neuroscience to prevent unproductive behaviour in students.

Webinar Recording: The Big Shift: Designing for virtual classrooms

Recorded on the 15/2/2023. This session drew on Neil Von Heupt’s extensive experience as a top learning designer, who designed a multi award winning Accredited Course. Participates learned the principles that are needed for success and the practical skills and tools to make it happen.

2023 State of the future of work (2023)

This report focuses on the on-going impact of COVID-19 on work futures. The researchers ask a central question: how are Australian workers faring into the COVID-19 recovery? Drawing on data on the work experiences of 1,400 Australian workers since the pandemic, they identify four critical future of work themes.

Focus on... the impact of AI on teaching, learning and working (2024)

This issue of Focus on... presents recent research exploring the impact AI, in particular GenAI, is having on teaching and learning practices, and on the way we work.

Compliance to Creativity (C2C) Confident RPL Assessors Part C 2008

DET QLD publication - Part C of Confident RPL Assessors

A guide to applying for your design 2014

IP Australia publication that provides guidance on applying for design

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