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Velg Training VET Student Handbook template

This VET Student Handbook Template provides a framework for RTOs to build upon and adapt to ensure all of the information needed by a student, and required by the Standards for RTOs 2015, is included in a comprehensive and easy to follow manner.

Student Feedback Form Post Course example template

An example of a template that could be used to gain feedback from a student on completion of a course

ResearchGate: Not All International Students are the Same: Understanding Segments, Mapping Behavior August 2012

Based on the survey response of nearly 1,600 prospective international students from 115 countries collected October 2011 through March 2012, international students are segmented into four distinct groups: highfliers, strivers, explorers and strugglers. Significant differences are found in their information needs and use of information channels.

ASQA Audit Report template

ASQAs Audit Report Template that can be used by RTOs in preparation for audit as a compliance monitoring exercise (2015)

Annual declaration on compliance

Training providers need to submit an annual compliance declaration to deliver VET training. Your declaration is a statement confirming your organisation complied with the Standards for all certifications issued in the last 12 months.

Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and Vocational Occupations and Skills: What are the needs for training Teachers and Trainers? (2020)

The paper seeks to explore the impact AI and automation have on vocational occupations and skills and to examine what that means for teachers and trainers in VET.

Velg Training Assessment Mapping template

This easy to use spreadsheet provides a framework for mapping assessment. Included is a blank template worksheet, an annotated worksheet with instructions, and a completed example.

IBSA: Foundation Skills Training Plan Validation Tool

An Innovation Business Skills Australia (IBSA) tool that can be used to document how a training program takes account of the foundation skills needs of the target learners

Third-Party Evidence Gathering Template Product

This template has been designed to help your RTO have a simple, reliable document to record evidence gathering by an 'other party'.

ELICOS Standards 2018

Australian Government website link to the Federal Register of Legislation - ELICOS Standards 2018. The ELICOS Standards apply to providers who deliver courses which are solely or predominantly of English language instruction to student visa holders in Australia. The ELICOS Standards 2018 provide a basis on which regulatory authorities may register a provider on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS) under the ESOS Act, to deliver an ELICOS course.

Webinar Recording: Going Online - Implementing Effective Online Teaching: The next step

This webinar was one of three offered at our Going Online special event. Recorded on 09/07/2020 Nina Shilling, a specialist eLearning solutions developer looks at further developing your teaching/facilitation techniques for online (or distance) learning.

Webinar Recording: Pursuing Trainer Excellence: Integrating coaching conversations

Recorded on the 18 /10/2022 this webinar looked at about how to integrate coaching conversations to embed training, learning and growth for learners.

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