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Product: Framework for Assessment Marking Guide

Provided by RTO Training Tools Australia, this 28 page document gives you a framework for developing an Assessment Marking Guide template.

Australian Government: Skills reform overview (site link)

The Australian Government has also announced a series of initiatives in the 2021-22 Budget and 2022-23 Budget that will strengthen the VET system.

My Future: Information for teachers and career practitioners

These resources can be used by teachers and career practitioners to support students' career development and exploration. Help students to develop self and opportunity awareness, investigate career options and make career decisions.

Academic Integrity considerations of AI Large Language Models in the post-pandemic era: ChatGPT and beyond (2023)

This paper explores the academic integrity considerations of students’ use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools using Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT in formal assessments.

ASQA Webinar - ASQA webinar on initial application for RTOs and CRICOS

Presented by ASQA's Jane Holt, Manager of Regulatory Operations, Darwin who provides information to those providers who wish to apply for initial registration as an RTO or a CRICOS provider. Broadcast Youtube - 10/12/19

Foundation Skills Discussion Paper (2023)

Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) is leading the development of a new national study on adult literacy, numeracy, and digital skills. To assist with this study a discussion paper has been developed and is now open for comment.

Webinar Recording: Reflecting on Our Online Delivery

Recorded on the 5/12/2022 this webinar looked back on what we've done in the delivery of training online. John Blake considered ideas and strategies for next year to make our delivery even more engaging in the future.

Skilling Australia Foundation: Perceptions Are Not Reality: myths, realities & the critical role of vocational education & training in Australia (2017)

Using a range of local and international data sources as well as real-life success stories, this report addresses some of these pervasive and inaccurate perceptions about vocational education and, also, highlights the importance of including VET pathways in the overall discussion about our nation’s long-term educational strategies and employment solutions.

Webinar Recording: Supporting Students with Disability - Enhancing your VET practice

Recorded on 26/04/2022 this webinar provided participants with an interactive and engaging session that showcased a range of resources and programs available through the Disability Awareness e-learning and ADCET websites that can build and support VET Practitioner capabilities in responding to the needs of students with disability.

Velg Training Student Code of Conduct form

This product is a simple to use form that students sign to agree to your RTO's Code of Conduct.

Webinar Recording: Assessment Validation: Making it happen!

Recorded on 21/06/2019 and forming part of Velg Training's Focus Week on Administration, this webinar ensured that you develop an understanding of the compliance obligations for assessment validation, when it needs to occur, who should be involved and what records need to be retained.

Blend4VET: Exploring Blended Learning Approaches for VET (2018)

European resource: The main aim for Blend4VET is to pilot a blended learning model to effectively integrate technology into an existing course to enhance the teaching and learning experience for teachers and learners. This will allow colleges the opportunity to offer courses that better meet the needs and demands of their learners and employers.

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