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ASQA: Spotlight On Assessment, Chapter 2 - Developing Assessment Tools

ASQA link to Spotlight On Assessment, Chapter 2 - Developing Assessment Tools which focuses on how to develop assessment tolls that align to the training package and get students workplace ready.

Australian Government: VET Student Loans - Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This guide is intended to help VET providers understand when and how to report RPL under TCSI.

ASQA's Self-assessment tool

ASQA’s self-assessment tool is designed to support training providers to manage self-assurance and ongoing compliance.

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations Leading Indicator of Employment monthly reports (site link)

The Monthly Leading Indicator of Employment provides advance warnings of whether employment is likely to grow faster or slower than its long-term trend rate of growth.

NCVER: Webinar - Get ready for AVETMISS 8.0 (2016)

This webinar provides an overview of the changes, including changes to file structures and fields, and covers the steps registered training organisations (RTOs) need to undertake to be ready to collect and produce data in Release 8.0 format from 2018. Release 8.0 will come into effect for activity from 1 January 2018.

VelgCast: Strategies for achieving Assessment Consistency

Explores strategies for achieving assessment consistency and steps involved in choosing the one that is right for your RTO

ASQA: Accredited Course Content Template

ASQA website link to the Accredited Course Content Template for use by those submitting a new course for Accreditation

NCVER: Workforce skills development and engagement in training through skill sets (2012)

This report the role investigates the role that skills sets play compared to full qualifications, which are seen as the foundation of the vocational education and training (VET) system.

ASQA: RTO Obligations Checklist 2023 (PDF)

ASQA have provided a simple RTO Obligations Checklist to help RTOs keep track of some of their key obligations across 2022.

ICEF: Webinars and Podcasts for International Education (site link)

ICEF: link to webinars and podcasts hosted by ICEF - a specialist provider of business-to-business networking events and marketing intelligence services to the international education industry.

IBSA: VET Practitioner Capability Framework

The VET Practitioner Capability Framework was developed by IBSA in association with the Commonwealth Government.

Webinars: Australian Core Skills Framework (2014)

Videos (uploaded 2014) were produced for the previous version of the ACSF, but most information is still relevant.

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