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Advancing Prosperity - 5-year Productivity Inquiry report (2023)

The report is divided into 9 volumes: An overview document (volume 1) that presents the policy agenda; and inquiry content volumes (volumes 2–9) that explain in greater detail the reforms that make up the policy agenda, including a modelling appendix.

ICEF: Webinars and Podcasts for International Education (site link)

ICEF: link to webinars and podcasts hosted by ICEF - a specialist provider of business-to-business networking events and marketing intelligence services to the international education industry.

ASQA: Accredited Course Content Template

ASQA website link to the Accredited Course Content Template for use by those submitting a new course for Accreditation

VelgCast: Effective Complaints and Appeals system

An overview of the key features of an effective complaints and appeals system

NCVER: Online delivery of VET qualifications: current use and outcomes (2019)

This research publication provides a contemporary view of how online learning is used to deliver complete qualifications in the Australian VET sector.

Vocational Competence Equivalence example template

An example template to record the demonstration of equivalence to vocational competencies

TAC: Webinar - RTO Governance - Driving Quality Through Good Business Practice

Training Accreditation Council (TAC) webinar is appropriate for staff at executive level and staff involved with maintaining and ensuring quality systems related to the business practices of an RTO and its compliance with requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

ASQA - Video - Mandatory Workplace Assessment - CHCCCS23 Support Independence and Wellbeing

This video has been provided by the national VET regulator to support provides in deciding how best to structure practical assessment in the workplace.

IBSA: VET Practitioner Capability Framework

The VET Practitioner Capability Framework was developed by IBSA in association with the Commonwealth Government.

Continuous Improvement Register template

A handy template to help record continuous improvement actions taken/to be taken

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