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Australian Government: Jobs and Skills Summit - Materials (2022)

Materials related to the 2022 Jobs and Skills Summit. The Summit brought together Australians, including unions, employers, civil society and governments, to address our shared economic challenges.

Velg Training Training Product Review template

The Standards for RTOs 2015 require RTOs to systematically monitor their training and assessment strategies and practices to ensure ongoing compliance with Standard 1. This Training Product Review Template guides the RTO through this review process.

Checklist: Information to Provide to Students example template

Template example of a checklist that could be used to ensure appropriate information is provided to students

ASQA: What is the difference between validation and moderation? (Clauses 1.9 - 1.11)

ASQA link to explanation of the difference between validation and moderation.

VRQA: Regulatory Approach Statement 2022

The statement sets out the high-level regulatory approach, including: regulatory purpose and principles, who is regulated and how, as well as explaining the elements of the regulatory toolkit.

TEQSA: Transnational education toolkit (2022)

A new toolkit assists Australian higher education institutions and their overseas partners to deliver high-quality courses and qualifications around the world. The toolkit is designed to support Australian higher education providers to understand, assess and mitigate the risks associated with third-party offshore arrangements for Australian higher education awards.

Review of support provided to Queensland Apprentices and Trainees, with a focus on female apprentices in male dominated occupations (2022)

This Review explored issues that have been raised with the Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills Development, complaints received by the Office of the Queensland Training Ombudsman, analysed apprenticeship and traineeship data, and considered feedback from a range of stakeholders and support service providers.

A guide to NDIS traineeships using group training (2022)

This resource outlines the group training model, costs involved and the benefits for an organisation when using a Group Training Organisation (GTO) for NDIS traineeships.

AQF: Credit Transfer - An Explanation

Australian Qualifications Framework Council link to explanation of credit transfer

TAC: Webinar - Obligations as an RTO

Training Accreditation Council (TAC) webinar which discusses how a registered training organisation, or RTO, must ensure it complies with the registration requirements throughout the period of its registration.

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