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Velg Training Learner Motivation Manual template

Use this Learner Motivation Manual as part of your RTO’s response to Standard 1.7, ‘Support learners’. This document is designed to encourage students throughout their learning journey, and to motivate them toward achieving their study goals with your RTO.

TAC FAQ: Awarding Credit

Provides guidance to RTOs on when it is appropriate to award credit for units of competency and/or modules, and considers credit in relation to training product revisions and changes that can occur over time.

TAC: Webinar - Understanding Training Packages

Training Accreditation Council (TAC) webinar which explores the components of a training package and how to interpret them, covering key topics including information on qualifications and how they are specified, units of competency what they include, guidance to support the use of training packages, accredited courses and transition and scope.

Certificate (qualification) Template

An example template for a qualification certificate

Sample: Federation University VET Assessment Policy

An example of a VET Assessment Policy

Student Competency Profile template

An example of a student competency profile template to record outcomes

VelgCast: Catering for Diversity

An overview about Catering for Diversity as a method of providing support to learners.

VelgCast: Reasonable Adjustment

An overview of Reasonable Adjustment and how it applies to VET

TEQSA: Understanding academic integrity

These pages define academic integrity and explain different types of cheating to help students understand the risks and penalties for poor behaviour. This information will help you to identify, avoid and report illegal cheating services. The information on these pages is designed to help you to understand these topics.

Webinar Recording: TAE PD Week - Designing and Developing Learning that Sticks!

Recorded on 30/11/2020 and forming part of the TAE PD Week, this webinar provided nine ways to create more meaningful or “sticky” learning that will influence the effective design, development, and review of learning programs within the vocational education and training (VET) context.

VelgCast: Processing Transitioned Students

An overview of how to process transitioning students and guidance on the data required for entry into the student management system

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