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Velg Cast: Clustering Units of Competency for Assessment

This Velg Cast looks into the purpose behind clustering units of competency together, aligning those units against a specific assessment requirement, using decision making rules within an evidence gathering tool to reflect the requirements of multiple units of competency and representing this process through the use of various mapping documentation.

Building effective RTO-employer partnerships: good practice guide

Effective partnerships between training providers and employers are important for ensuring a robust VET sector. RTO-employer partnerships act as channels through which industry skill needs are met with relevant training, while simultaneously building the capacity and resilience of providers and employers alike. Based on case studies of RTO-employer partnerships that varied in terms of employer size, RTO type and industry, this good practice guide provides insights into effective strategies for RTOs that foster the development of quality partnerships with employers. A companion research report provides discussion and further insights related to the drivers, benefits and challenges of RTO-employer partnerships.

ACMA: Adult digital media literacy needs - Qualitative research report (2009)

An Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) research report that provides findings from a study on the attitudes and experiences of non-users and limited adult users of digital media and communications within Australia

Australian Government: Safe and responsible AI in Australia (2023)

This paper seeks advice on steps Australia can take to mitigate the potential risks of AI. Recognising that many related Australian Government initiatives are already underway, we are seeking systemwide feedback on actions that can be taken across the economy on AI regulation and governance.

Webinar Recording: Advanced TAE PD Week - Leading Assessment Practice

Recorded on the 21/04/2021 this webinar formed part of our Advanced TAE PD Week and focused on the mechanisms required to lead effective assessment processes, with groups of assessors within an RTO, as a part of a continuous improvement strategy.

NCVER: Podcast - Rationalising VET qualifications: support for a clustered model (2020)

Vocational Voices S5, Episode 4 - Steve Davis talks to Professor John Buchanan, Business School, University of Sydney, David Morgan, CEO, Artibus Innovation and Simon Walker, Managing Director, NCVER about the notion of ‘clustering’ qualifications into vocational streams for a range of occupations and how it could be achieved.

Webinar Recording: Strategies for Engaging Students with Disability

Recorded on 19/02/2020, this webinar explored the specific learning and support needs of students with autism, learning disabilities, anxiety and other mental health difficulties, and how trainers can adjust their teaching to be more inclusive of these different learning needs.

Government of South Australia: VET for school students - repositioning VET within secondary education (2019)

The release of this Vocational Education and Training for School Students policy marks a significant step towards repositioning VET as an equally valued and prestigious pathway option alongside university education.

Webinar Recording: NVPDW: Conducting Validation Online

Recorded on 17/11/2021 and forming part of Velg Training's National VET PD this very popular webinar was designed to take you through some practical options for validating your assessments in an effective way when the validation activities occur across remote locations.

Wheel of Apps: Apps for Learners with Dyslexia/Reading and Writing Difficulties

Staff at CALL Scotland have developed a helpful Wheel of Apps guide for iPad that may be useful for students with dyslexia or who just need some additional support with reading and/or writing.

IEAA: Global perspectives on international student employability (2019)

This paper provides an analysis of global policy settings and provider initiatives around international student employability. It includes preliminary findings of a new study on the uptake of post-study work rights in Australia, as well as case studies from New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Webinar Recording: Designing a Robust and User- Friendly RPL Process

Recorded on 20/03/2020 and forming part of Velg Training's Focus Week on Design, our resident RPL Expert looked at a number of concepts that should drive the design and implementation of an effective and efficient, user-friendly RPL process.

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