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Individual Performance Plan example template

A template example of a performance plan for an individual employee

What It Takes – Workplace Language and Literacy 2011

Industry Skills Council Foundation Skills Network (ISCFSN) publication focuses on what can be done in training programs to make sure they help ATSI learners with language, literacy and numeracy issues

ASQA - Forms: Request for approval of third party arrangements for VET courses of concern

Proposed third party arrangements in respect for VET courses of concern should not be notified to ASQA until approved. Download ASQA's form for requesting this approval using this link.

Product: Observation Checklists

This product contains five variations of an observation checklist, including one suitable for third-party/manager verification.

Assessing Compassionate or Compelling Circumstances (2023)

Sometimes, an international student's study journey in Australia doesn’t go to plan. When that happens, international students may ask their education providers to treat their circumstances as ‘compassionate or compelling’.

Consultation with Trainer and Assessor Staff Policy and Procedure example template

An example template for a Policy and Procedure about consultation with Trainer and Assessor Staff as part of continuous improvement

TAC: Fact Sheet: Vocational Competence and Industry Currency

This Training Accreditation Council (TAC) fact sheet considers two areas of a trainer and assessor’s vocational competence and industry currency and should be read in conjunction with the Industry Engagement Fact Sheet.

Duty Statement - Financial Administrator example template

An example of a duty statement for a financial administration responsible for financial processing and record keeping

TAC - Fact Sheet: Assessment Validation

This fact sheet helps RTOs validate their assessment system as required by the RTO Standards and covers developing a validation plan, ensuring assessments are valid and fair, having qualified validators, understanding key terms, and using validation outcomes to improve assessment practices.

ACER: Survey and Focus Groups of Students Enrolled in Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) Offshore (2018)

As part of the Australian Government’s National Strategy for International Education 2025, the Department of Education and Training commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to provide an overview of the demographics and experiences of students enrolled in Australian vocational education and training (VET) offshore.

Duty Statement - Compliance Consultant example template

An example of a duty statement for a consultant responsible for a broad range of compliance advice and services

VET delivery in regional, rural and remote Australia: barriers and facilitators (2023)

This research investigated how the training sector could better meet the needs of regional, rural and remote Australia. It explored how various stakeholders in the VET system understand local skills needs, and the barriers faced by RTOs when delivering training in such locations.

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