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ASQA: Sector alert: Provider responsibilities when using education agents

Providers delivering to overseas students are reminded of their obligations in monitoring the performance of education agents and ensuring that international students are genuine and engaged with learning.

Simple RTO Risk Register example template

A simple template example to use to record risk assessment

ASQA: Fact sheet and FAQs on third party arrangements

ASQA website link to FAQs relating to third-party arrangements

Velg Training Transition Plan template

This product provides a template for ensuring transition to new training products occurs within the required time frames and complies with the requirements set out in SRTO 1.26 & 1.27.

ASQA - Spotlight on Student Support during Online Delivery

ASQA website link to information to help training providers to develop support during online delivery to maintain quality learning outcomes.. Also includes a downloadable Checklist of Considerations.

ASQA: FAQs Fit and proper person requirements

Australian Skills Quality Authority link to FAQs relating to fit and proper person requirements

NCVER: AVETMISS support for RTOs

NCVER website link to supporting resources and information relating to AVETMISS

My Future: Vocational education and training (VET)

To support teachers, career practitioners, parents and carers to equip students with information about VET, this page includes links to key VET resources and organisations.

NCVER: Report - Australian vocational education and training statistics: government funding of VET 2020

NCVER link to report that provides information on the flow of government funding for vocational education and training (VET) in Australia.

AITSL: Report - Building a high quality and sustainable dual qualified VET workforce (2021)

AITSL link to report on the need for a high quality and sustainable workforce of VET teachers/trainers and assessors in schools that can meet the diverse needs of secondary students, and maintain the quality and industry relevance of the vocational education and training being delivered.

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